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Misconceptions about the Severity Spectrum of OCD

Every once in a while I will search on YouTube for videos raising awareness about OCD. In some videos the person making it will interview people without OCD, asking what they think OCD is. 349 more words


Saving seed as the only realistic combat to climate change...

I didn’t stop driving because of environmental concerns. It was back in the late 1980’s, and no one really thought too much about those things. I stopped driving because I hated cars, or rather, I hated the expense of cars. 1,276 more words


The Youngest Drug Dealers: a Couple Who is Sixteen and Nineteen

Cost of life here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nineteen-year-old man, Wu, because he didn’t have money to buy the drugs, he’d teamed up with the 38-year-old man, Tsai, became a drug dealing ring, Wu’s sixteen-year-old wife, Lin followed him, helped made the deliveries, collecting the moneys for the drugs, in the four months they’d been “working”, they’d made over $600,000N.T., but it still wasn’t enough, to satisfy Wu’s habits, Lin was forced to work odds and ends, to make the household incomes, and she still did it. 431 more words

Properties Of Life

Lets Talk About Mental Health - Personal Opinion

Dear unknown person:

Lets Talk About Mental Health is the title off the new Jack Harries’ video. I watched it two times and I feel like I am ready to give an opinion, since that is the idea of the year. 424 more words

Diversity in Writing

Recently, our country celebrated the accomplishments of Dr. King and how his work changed how we view people of different races, genders, and so forth. A couple of days later, I watched a town hall meeting on local television discussing race relations in my city. 1,256 more words


Awareness needs both giving and receiving

Can I recognize in my encounters with imperfection an invitation to accept that there is much I don’t know, or can’t change, especially about others? 266 more words

On The Heart's Path

Patience Now

As my mind grows frantic
with thoughts of moving,
of having too much stuff,
of needing to get more done…

The wise voice in me says, 105 more words