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Lets raise the awareness for CMT

#ALSBucketchallenge is new talk of the town. This is not only a great initiative but is fun as well (to look at, I wonder if pouring ice water is fun as well).  162 more words

The Feeling Is The Prayer ~ Gregg Braden

New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, ancient wisdom and the real world!

Enjoy! ~ V.


on decision awareness and the illusion of free will

If the issue is whether we are free to choose, independently of the interaction between the world and our brain machinery, then we do not have free will…. 13 more words

The Soul

The Soul
When I think of the soul I think of the part of me that is me..
My thoughts are a part of me, but there is another part of me that is aware of my thoughts.. 134 more words

Kara Schallock - More Light, More Awareness, More Love - 11-25-14

“Old” relationships have been popping up over the past weeks for me, and I’ve learnt to gracefully say “no”, bless it and as Kara says, “…set it free”. 355 more words


The Doctorates Locked Up in the Ivory Towers Must Take a First Outward in Order to Find Their Ways

So, those higher degrees are now, totally USELESS, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The doctorates of all the nations in the world is a show of the top-quality people that a country produces, and you can see from the number of doctorates, the way a country is going.   559 more words