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aGoT - Bran I: Gared is having an altogether bad day + Aww

So I made two episodes from this chapter, because well, I wanted to. First is the unfortunate end of Gared, the Black Brother, and second is the finding of the direwolves. 382 more words


The Battle of Hogwarts

I wanted to share this, too. I wasn’t really that happy with how it turned out (mostly because of those ridiculous palm-trees in the background, somehow relocating Hogwarts to a tropical island – why oh why did I ever think lettuce would make good treetops?), but of the three stop-motion films I’ve made, this seems to be my friends’ favourite. 18 more words


Books for Christmas

T-minus sixteen days until the big ‘C’! Christmas that is. We’re quickly approaching full-on-panic mode time, but don’t despair I have some Christmas ideas for you. 356 more words

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An AWESOME list of Christmas books to fill your stockings and guarantee a great time over the festive season. For the perfect Christmas gift, check these out...oh, and they have my book too! :D xxx

aGoT - prologue: Bet being a steward doesn't seem so lame now

I really wish this picture had turned out a lot better; I got a new camera a while ago, and I still haven’t figured out the point of half the functions (okay, it’s been almost a year, but ssh!), so the light and colouring is terrible here, at least for something that was supposed to look like nighttime. 340 more words


The Battle of Castle Black

Here are some pictures from a project I did last year in December. The Battle of Castle Black from a Song of Ice and Fire  863 more words


NEW BOOKS in our Lending Library!

BOOKS ARE AWESOME!  Our super committed passionate lending library volunteers have just procured and added amazing new texts to our lending library, including lots of BELL HOOKS! 422 more words

Awesome Books

You are not Snape!

Chapter 17: The Man with Two Faces

Professor Quirrell was having a hard time figuring out the Mirror of Erised, so it’s a good thing Harry dropped by. 67 more words