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Three Awesome Things

Dear Kitten: Regarding the Dog.  For everyone who has both in their household.  This is hilarious.

Two of my favorite musicians–Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale.  “Shatter Me” 8 more words

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A perfect woman

I cannot be objective about this subject. Obviously. However I would be more than happy if anyboby told me how does a perfect woman looks like. 320 more words

Awesome Things

Three Awesome Things

This is crazy.

Is this going to be the next Super Size Me?  I think it’s simplifying the issue, but still an enormous component of the problem. 17 more words

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Three Awesome Things

Traffic safety made FUN!

This gives new meaning to playing til the cows come home.

Sweet puppy rescue video.  Might make you cry (did me), but happy ending.

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Getting On, Getting Off and Getting it Done!

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, and one of my readers actually pointed it out the other day. I would not have thought my meagre handful of readers would have noticed a few week lag, and was surprisingly touched that someone did. 421 more words


A Young Mother’s Poem at the U.N. Climate Summit Was Completely Heartbreaking | By Katie Zavadski | September 24, 2014

A young Marshallese woman’s poem to her 7-month-old daughter was far and away the highlight of this week’s opening ceremony at the U.N. Secretary General’s Climate Summit. 141 more words


Three Awesome Things

If you can watch this video of sleeping, dreaming puppies and not go AWWWWW, you need your head examined.

Things you never knew you could build with Legos… 7 more words

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