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I am more obsessed with this than 'Orange is the New Black'

Last Tuesday, after my photography class, my pop culture life changed. I was driving home after shooting the Kansas City skyline in the frigid cold, and… 191 more words

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You know you think polar bears are adorbs.

And so is this 11 week old elephant.

I want one of these…but with puppies.

Kait Nolan

Vegan friendsssss! Hope everyone is doing well! The past couple months have brought forth a lot of changes for me on different levels, but things are finally beginning to settle. 351 more words

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Three Awesome Things

This came to me from my buddy Bobby Mathews.  Nerd awesome.

Garth actually stops in the middle of his concert for this woman.  Tear jerker warning. 19 more words

Kait Nolan

awesome ordinary things

the first snow of winter – when you open the window in the morning and see the sunshine – dinner at your parents’ after a long time abroad – pop music from the early 90s – being the only person on a beach – the smell of coffee – when strangers smile at you, with no reasons – your hair on the barber shop’s floor – when the person you are meeting is even later than you – the smell of juniper when you are walking to the beach – when you suddenly realize it’s Friday – the first CD you ever bought – sitting next to someone good looking on the plane – randomly bumping into old acquaintances when you are abroad – when at moonrise the moon is huge and red – the day before – the smell of bread – when your boss is on holidays – friends that are much older or much younger than you – the first kisses – when you are driving and it’s cloudy, and you get into a never-ending tunnel, and then you get out of it and, in the meantime, the sun has come back – when you don’t know what ice-cream flavour you are gonna go for, and the ice-cream seller asks “do you wanna taste it?” – the first swim of summer – coffee after lunch – having sex in unusual places – shooting stars – the first shower when you are back home after a long journey – the journey – the day after – lazyness – friends that are your age – poetic street names – when you learn a new word, and you suddenly see it everywhere – the clouds seen from above – poetic street names in Venice – when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you still have more than two hours to sleep – being the first person to step into virgin snow – stretching your legs and your back at highway stops – white sand – when you find a book that you read years before, leaf through it and find old notes that you wrote at the time – when the meeting you didn’t want to go to gets cancelled – the feeling of starting an applause – pan di stelle(s) – girls wearing skirts without tights in winter – when you find out that someone you know was born on your same day – that unique feeling after a half marathon when you realize that you won’t die, and in fact you are actually starting to feel great and unbreakable – … 134 more words


The Evening Post: PBS Idea Channel's Most Amazing Episode Ever

PBS Idea Channel just had their most amazing episode ever!  And the episode is about  the cultural trend of hyperbole.  So, if you enjoy amazing and great stuff found online, you are going to like this episode! 43 more words

The Evening Post

Three Awesome Things

This is your brain playing musical instruments…

You may remember me talking about The Kraken King this summer.  It was a serialized Iron Seas novel from Meljean Brook.   237 more words

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