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livin' in the beat

it feels me, and i feel it.  the sway, the emotion, and the vibe.  music.  gosh, i tell ya, music can be everything.

you see, words are powerful and imaginative on their own.   138 more words


Seven Basic Methods To Support You Throw An Awesome Engagement Get Together

Offering Tree Photography
Your guy or lady has just place the ring on your finger and you. Are. So. Psyched!!!
Now, just before you go running off to figure out what color napkins you want at the wedding ceremony, you require to stop and get a deep breath and truly get in the fact … … 6 more words

Sooo this happened (20 photos)

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Deadpool VFX Test Footage LEAK

“There’s no easy way to say this…I’m pregnant Trevor.”

So in the midst of all this awesome Comic-Con stuff that I never have been but would really like to go just saying…there haven’t been too many surprises this year. 120 more words

Movie News

I tried to cook and ended up passing out, BUT NOTHING WAS SET ON FIRE!

So against my Hubby’s wishes, I cooked this weekend!  Granted there has been one or two slight mishaps during my last culinary explorations, I believe we all remember the… 376 more words


Where I Would Go If I'm A Billionaire

If I am filthy rich and have all the time in the world to spend, these are the places you will find me in solitary: 40 more words