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Modifying the Rotation: A Rant

You’ve probably noticed for the past year or so I’ve been doing a weekly round up of what it is that I’m playing. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll know that the only constant is that the list of games I’m playing during any given week is always changing. 2,626 more words


State of the Game: 901

It’s Sunday, so you know what time it is! Yep, it’s round-up time. You may have noticed that the sub-title of this post is simply a number, and there’s a reason for that. 1,429 more words


1. Gametreff NRW

Yesterday there was the event “Gametreff NRW” in Dusseldorf for the first time. The slogan of the event was “Focus gameplay: Anywhere, anyhow”. It was organized by “ 134 more words


State of the Game: Thanksgaming Again

Another week down, and it’s time for the round-up of my gaming endeavors once again. This week I spent my time in the same games I’ve been playing for a while, as I have yet to complete Demon’s Souls, I’m still waiting on the Steam Autumn sale which is… 1,609 more words


World of Keiko 11/21/2014

Its been a few months since my last update. I have posted numerous course reviews and a handful of book reviews. The large amount of time spent studying has led to me feeling a tad worn down. 1,204 more words


State of the Game: Thanksgaming Edition

This week’s round-up post is basically going to be a continuation of my last post, talking about the same four games. I have made some progress in each, so I thought I would share that (so this isn’t completely repetitive, just in titles, not in deeds). 861 more words


Pointless Things

Normally on Fridays I am posting the latest episode of Couch Podtatoes, but this week was a little different. I had an appointment on Wednesday when when we usually record, and Eri had been busy with family so we really hadn’t the time to plot our ideas. 1,640 more words