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World of Keiko 11/21/2014

Its been a few months since my last update. I have posted numerous course reviews and a handful of book reviews. The large amount of time spent studying has led to me feeling a tad worn down. 1,204 more words


State of the Game: Thanksgaming Edition

This week’s round-up post is basically going to be a continuation of my last post, talking about the same four games. I have made some progress in each, so I thought I would share that (so this isn’t completely repetitive, just in titles, not in deeds). 861 more words


Pointless Things

Normally on Fridays I am posting the latest episode of Couch Podtatoes, but this week was a little different. I had an appointment on Wednesday when when we usually record, and Eri had been busy with family so we really hadn’t the time to plot our ideas. 1,640 more words


State of the Game: GW2 Edition

As the title implies, this week I spent a lot of time with Guild Wars 2. Well, I wouldn’t say a lot of time, because I did still play other games, but that’s going to be the focal point of this post, because I finished up the playthrough of the last game I had been focusing on. 1,154 more words


Further Development

After Milli’s positive feedback, I can confirm that he expresses a large interest in the inter-planetary war design I created. As a result, I am keen to expand and develop this until both himself and I are satisfied. 533 more words

Specialist Project

State of the Game: Some Old, Some New

This week I fell back on old habits. I’ve spent more time playing MOBAs and the like, doing dailies and such, along with spending time with one in-depth single player game. 2,113 more words


Round-Up : MOBA Edition

As a gamer, there are many genres to explore. One of the most popular being MOBAs, short for Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. In fact, the most popular game played as of today is League of Legends, which recently finalized their World Championship. 622 more words