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Wedding bells and Mallets: Harley and the Joker get married ?!

Five years in the future and Harley Quinn and her ‘puddin’, the Joker finally tie the knot (noose may or may not be involved). Retreating to a desert island getaway for their honeymoon … ’til death do us part’ seems like an apt phrase for this dysfunctional couples’ future! 34 more words


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LooooooL Precinct...This artist rocks!! Is this the April Fool's Day edition? Buahahaaaaa!!! Your title should have read "Wedding Bells, Mallets and a Bullet to the Chest" eh? Ahhhhh~ sweet love. "H+J+B2TC= Everything & Nothing At All" Hey~ there's a catchy byline for ya!! ;) ~~~Felicia

Why was Pamela Lillian Isley renamed in new tv series Gotham?

Out of the many many things to converse about after the launch of Fox’s new Gotham, this was the one subject I’ve seen hit the most. 517 more words

Harlowe Quinn

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I am addicted to this show already! I love it. I can't wait to see Poison turn deadly!! It's a must that she delivers the Kiss of Death! The writers better not make her all gooooood and such! Hahaaa... ~~~F

Stepford Children

I’m sorry… If I seem to be a little confused, a bit discombobulated, perhaps slightly shocked, it’s because I’m still trying to process what exactly went on in school today. 326 more words


"Tak3n" Trailer

The trailer for Taken 3, or rather Tak3n, found itself released today. It is glorious. Featuring everything you could want from a Liam Neeson movie, except someone actually being taken, as is in the movie’s title. 73 more words

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Honda Launches 2015 Custom Fit Project

There’s a Honda Fit for every one! Honda launched an interactive 2015 Fit experience on Tumblr today to show the customization potential of the all-new 2015 Fit. 235 more words

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Be awesome!

“I never stop working on being awesome. Because the more awesome I get mentally, emotionally, spiritually and artistically… the more awesome and incredible the woman I love will be… when it´s time for her to show up.” 46 more words

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