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Holiday PAARTAY!

Holiday parties have begun and here there were no exceptions! We had a little soirée last night full of holiday cheer and extraordinary company! Thank you to all that attended and check out our little holiday photo-booth set up! 69 more words


Things That Made Me Go Hmm... Week 7

It is week 7, right? I suppose I could look back at previous posts and check, but honestly, that seems like too much work right now. 285 more words


Why I love reddit

Yes, it can be a tar pit of trolls and Not Safe For Work posts, but if you arrange your settings to filter out the garbage, it’s also an amazing community. 401 more words



Äntligen. Äntligen fick jag en ordentlig dag med Nils och endast Nils. Eftersom Nelly vaknade precis när vi skulle åka så blev det verkligen så! Ett par timmar innan han somnade fanns konkurrenten om mamma där, men i det stora hela var det ‘mamma mamma mamma’ hela dagen lång! 101 more words


The Mediterranean Diet and Aging: or, Oh my gosh, guys, this is super cool!

Eating healthy literally makes you age slower, according to this new study. And I am so pumped to tell you about it. But first, I have to take you back…to high school biology. 661 more words

Real Food

Moodmetric – The World’s Smallest Mood Tracking Smart Jewelry | CrowdedRocket

I just bought one. HOW COOL!!! It’s like the 70’s just met high-tech. #awesomeness


"Moodmetric is smart jewelry for emotional wellbeing"