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Designed to a "T"

Great range of graphic t-shirts’s from The Social Department; “hand printed by a couple of humans in the state of Ohio”. Using awesome typography, they create fun stuff for design nerds, foodies, “athletic supporters” and regional lovers. 19 more words


Gregg Wallace

I awoke this morning and looked out of the window.[1] A solitary dolphin. Doing what dolphins do.[2]

As Gregg Wallace might say, “It doesn’t get much better than this.” 16 more words


Girls' Code

So it turns out, coding is the language of the future. (So says, well, people with far greater technical knowledge than I.) And in that future, more and more jobs will revolve around having a command of those skills. 141 more words


Aussie Awesomesause

Dan300 is an Australian company that produces a range of products, from textiles to stationery, all with a moderns sensibility and passion for color and pattern.  222 more words


Woman: Whisper Sweet Nothings.... / Man: I'm Gonna Get me Some!

For me it took 12 years into my previous, and only, marriage to realize this little gold nugget of knowledge about males and females. For those of you who are still unaware, let me whip out the trusty Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass into relationships so you can see this beautiful piece of knowledge and have your much awaited for V-8 moment! 311 more words


"Stay strong. Stand up. Have a voice." Shawn Johnson

Can I ask you a question?

Have you missed been bombarded with this information yet?

Did you know I do a little bit (read: ‘a-whole-lot’) of radio once in awhile? 66 more words

Random Thinking

Summer's Last Hurrah

I know it’s September, and summer’s coming to a close. But I can’t help wanting one last taste…