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Exclusive details on Cameron Dallas's first movie "Expelled"

20-year-old Internet golden boy Cameron Dallas has been hinting for months that he’s working on an acting project and then suddenly it was released: he’s been shooting a film called “Expelled.” AwesomenessTV is producing it–which is pretty freakin genius as they are the leading providers of internet entertainment–and it is slated for a December release. 424 more words

Cameron Dallas

Stop Wasting Effort on Mobile Games

I was on the search for a mobile game that didn’t suck. I wanted something I would be willing to put time into, and actually look back at the time spent and say, “yeah it was worth it”. 425 more words

Sidekick Shenanigans

Caught her trying to hide her toys under my desk again

What's the message

Sometimes you just have to let things be !!! If something is standing in the way of you getting to the place you need to be, why are you waiting on it to let you go ? 261 more words