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little fuck got a new bed

so my wife ordered a new bed for – mainly – my little fucker: mr grey the alien. and apparently he wuvs teh bed xD


sooo this is my explanation for the wtf-weather today... ;-)

if weather was running in a windows-dos-command box, i guess the error message today would read:

„rain.dll missing – sun.exe stopped – starting what-the-fuck-is-this-shit-weather.bat /fog /darkclouds /birds“

pwahahahaha xD

Pure Nerdism ^^

a shot from bali - indonesia 2013

so not a lot of days left and we will be back in bali, spending xmas and new years eve on the sandy beaches and awesome sceneries this awesome island has to offer :D really can’t wait! 59 more words


this came out bigger than excpected O.o

sooo, i didn’t think this thing is this huge O.o it looks a lot smaller on the (bad-quality) picture, than it really is, since i had to stand in front of it to even get it on the photo with my short arms haha xD… 15 more words

Pure Nerdism ^^

and another one from halloween 2013

here’s one more shot, halloween 2013 this time, was fun as well :D my wife and me, the ghost couple ^^

Pure Nerdism ^^

a shot of my deadpool masks

well, as you can see, i wufs teh deadpool :D ;-) and i love costumes / cosplay and masks as well :D neeeeeerd

Pure Nerdism ^^

halloween 2012

i know it’s old, but i just love this shot, my wife and me on halloween 2012 – zombie dorothy and jason vorhees

Pure Nerdism ^^