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Can't Stop Staring or What? (Part 2)

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Then one day, 2013-

“I was waiting outside Digital Signal Processing Lab for a viva and my gaze fell on dear old Barnacle, sitting inside the lab cheating from someone else’s paper (don’t judge me, its an important detail). 547 more words

Social Awkwardness


Remember newcomers, Maria is teal and Ana is purple.

I am a socially awkward person. We really shouldn’t be teaching people this Maria. (But if we don’t teach it, how will they be awkward?) You know that socially awkward penguin meme online? 598 more words


my morning routine for the holidays...

i normally wake up at 8.00am but  can’t stand up.


Because the other are up too, and because they’re not on a diet they’re preparing a big breakfast for everyone, exept me. 97 more words

Can't Stop Staring or What? (Part 1)

“There is this boy in class, he stares at Anannya Kapur all the time man!”

“Anan.. who?”

“The smart ass wannabe nerd that took up DIP (Digital Signal Processing) during sixth sem…? 746 more words


Music is an entirely different world. It’s good and bad. And I am so inadequate for all of its greatness. I love everything music offers this world. 301 more words

Snorkeling and My Communist Bling

Angelle and I are back with another vlog to answer your burning questions from our #AskMeStuff posts.  Topics include reptiles in the mouth, which Frozen… 210 more words