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Dear Diary... (57?) - How far have I come in a year?

Okay, so I’ve been reading back to the post about my bucket list and I’ve actually ticked a couple off! So let me share with you what I’ve ticked off this past year: 475 more words

Limerick 7

So close! So, so close! That first A line has an extra syllable, but hey, whose counting?

(Me. I am. I’m counting.)

It is a thing of beauty. 36 more words

The post that doesn't know how to act around babies

I’m going away for the weekend tomorrow night to visit my Mum, brother, sister-in-law and their baby – my niece. I’m looking forward to it generally but not the part where I will be expected to interact with their little 10 month old. 406 more words


The elevator ride, aka, trigger words

I had my weekly session yesterday with my therapist, and while I’m not going to dive into the substance of our discussion (though I may get into those conversations in future posts), suffice to say we had a good and positive conversation. 647 more words

Chapter IX

We sat and began to talk. Well we didn’t talk, that’s a lie, we engaged in a bout of verbal subtext gymnastics that would have had Freud and R D Laing both scratching their heads. 304 more words

Just another incident in the Library...

I’m currently in the library… listening to my ipod. Just realised that my headphones aren’t plugged in properly and everyone can hear my music listed on my “Library Beats” playlist, which includes tracks from artists such as: Gary Newman, the Backstreet Boys, Lion King the musical and many more songs selected from my guilty pleasures and beyond. 132 more words