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I am cold, I am afraid, and I am incapable of using my computer. I feel the way someone with Celiac disease must feel during a bread eating contest.

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My boss put her tits on my head. All the time. One boss shit himself in front of me. It gets a little better, don’t worry.


I’ve had soooo many jobs. I’ve worked since I was about 13, definitely remember working at 14. I’ve done almost every job I can think of. 1,235 more words


All of the cares that Max doesn't give.

Spacial awareness is nonexistent to Max. He will run around the entire apartment for hours and when it is time for him to sleep he will seek out the only spot, it seems where he is comfortable. 766 more words


The answer to your question is: I must have been hibernating, because I haven’t blogged in a while. Well I am going to start a blog kind of schedule, and I will “try” to keep with that, I’m thinking every other day I’ll write one of these main entries… 393 more words


Pilot: Unnecessary Adventures

When the exams were finally over I could at last give in to the Christmas festivity and as I handed in the last essay, I printed out my tickets home and started packing the suitcase. 1,266 more words