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Maid of (no-)honour

So in the time that I’ve been offline (and wow! has it been a WHILE!), a lot has happened.  One of the biggest being that I (we) got engaged!   322 more words


You know what's so much fun? Zits.

Just kidding! They’re the fucking worst. Especially when you have paper-white skin like a newborn baby (or a Dalmatian puppy that hasn’t gotten its spots yet). 164 more words

Girly Stuff

Virgin Territory: The Show That Make Me RAGEQUIT TELEVISION

First and foremost, I am so very sorry that I haven’t been posting frequently. My real estate exam was last week and I was bogged down pretty badly with studying for that. 985 more words


Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

A master of all awkward lines,
In party conversation,
Where it seems the more I talk the farther,
I stray from salvation.

Another backwards compliment, 170 more words


Dear Lizzy Volume 6

You know what 6 is in French? SIX! We’re half way to double digits now! Look at us fly through these letters! Hope everyone is still enjoying them! 1,014 more words


That awkward moment when your phone rings on live TV... and then you make it worse 【Video】

Irritable ogre that I am, I’m always among those who look around and sigh audibly when someone lets their phone ring in the movie theatre. That said, even the best of us commit this terrible faux pas at some point–the act of switching our phones off before a film starts now so ingrained in our consciousness that we automatically assume that we… 346 more words