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Hugs, part 1

I really don’t like hugging. I want to make it known TO ALL INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH.

(of course, besides my family and maybe 2 other specific people). 188 more words

The Why-Did-I-Just-Do-that? Moment

Have you had any moments in which you do something, and right the next second after you’ve done it, you want to slam your head against the nearest hard object? 286 more words


I need to listen to my own advice!

Sometimes I get a bit awkward and it stops me from being polite or talking to people out of shyness. I think this blog is good for that though, as I will have to learn from what I have written and remember my own advice! 326 more words

so how did it go?

Ok, so all of this hoopla over my first official date in over 5 years. Meeting someone for coffee just as friends to see if we want to pursue it further. 992 more words


Mood: Awkward

Well right now I don’t feel it but I felt it when I was going to the shops earlier to grab some biscuits and I was still wearing my work wedges while in a casual dress. 77 more words

The Diary Entries

I'm Back! (Rumours)

I did what I always do and manage to abandon my blog without even realising it! However I am going to make an effort to continue updating it regularly again! 238 more words