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How not to pick up a Hire Car

To me, the ultimate feeling of freedom comes from driving a car out in the open, especially in a foreign country when you are on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. 913 more words


Day 6: Aaaahh

That awkward moment when you should have spent all summer fixing and updating your portfolio to prepare for job interviews only to do everything the day before. 613 more words

Original Work

Foot in mouth...

If I thought before I spoke,

my foot would cease to make me choke.

My mouth takes off, out of control…

I’ll have to call the Word-Patrol. 27 more words


I'm sorry I'm in love with you.

I know it makes our friendship awkward sometimes, and I know it has made things strained in the past. I act weird because of it and sometimes weird things upset me. 70 more words



My creative writing teacher gave us all a painting to analyze.  Well, she actually made us take an internet quiz that told us what kind of painting I would be.   238 more words


One day last week, as I was finishing up a work out at the gym and toweling off the bucket of sweat that was pouring off of my face, I ran into someone I used to work with at my old job. 439 more words

On being cool

Hi Chris,

You know, the other day I was thinking about being cool. I think everyone wants to be cool, be respected, admired, looked up to… Even if having people look up to you means you put yourself above others, or put others down. 787 more words