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Saying “goodbye” is one of the hardest things to do in life.

That is why I like to say “goodbye” with awkward dance moves and a little bit of sweat. 21 more words

My Thug Life


I never realized it, but it was pointed out to me a while back and it had me thinking.

I tend to give men who I date/hook up with nicknames. 206 more words


The New Kid

Mario hated the first day of the school year. At just nine years old, he was starting his fourth school. Teachers at his previous school would use big words to describe him, like “disruptive” and “impulsive”. 1,146 more words

Creative Writing

I guess I am back in the dating game.

My co-workers seemed genuinely surprised that I date. Whoops.

My Musings

Tammy / Melissa McCarthy starring Melissa McCarthy

Well today is my day off! Unfortunately it’s not a happy day off where I frolic around and get errands done, I have strep throat and mono! 761 more words

Movie Review

Witness The Biggest Wedding Cake Fail In The History Of Wedding Cake Fails! [VIDEO]

Wow, this is kind of a jerk move on the groom’s behalf, don’t ya think? Watch this clip and witness what might be the biggest wedding cake fail in history! 9 more words