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Last year I participated in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, which is basically where you compete against other schools after reading books and trying to remember really small facts about the story line. 220 more words


As if first dates weren't awkward enough already

This is my standard warning to my Mum, this post is not for you.
Yesterday I wrote about a documentary I’d watched, and mentioned that I’d also seen another one, Date My Porn Star. 445 more words


Don't give love letters when you can talk to the girl instead

THE girl.

I’m not sure how to talk about her. I’m so confused I don’t even know whether to refer to her as The Girl or A Girl. 907 more words


Am Socially Inept

Apparently, when someone asks you if you heard of that little girl from Kansas dying from a brain-eating amoeba, “Naegleria fowleri is my favorite amoeba!” is not an appropriate response. 351 more words



Matassia Gail Zolot (1989), better known as KREAYSHWAN, is an american rapper and music-video director from California.

I don’t think at all this is awkward to listen, no, but it’s very special sound-remix and with a recognizable voice. 30 more words

American Rapper

Welcome! Now, allow me to explain...

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to read my Blog! I don’t expect any one to understand it particularly and read any further than the first new lines, but you aught to know that this is important to me. 300 more words


First meetings

It’s so strange meeting new people. How do you find something to talk about? Something that interests all the parties involved and yet is a sustainable topic of conversation. 294 more words