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Too awkward to book a therapeutic massage!

Dear Aunty Em,

I’d like to book a therapeutic massage, but am totally awkward about it. It’s like getting a haircut, but with more clothes off.

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What It Feels Like To Not Deserve You

Do you know what it feels like to feel ugly all the time? I do. I know. I am not beautiful. Not even pretty. I don’t go through a whole week without having a pimple on my face that came out of nowhere. 486 more words

Are We Not Talking Now?

There’s nothing quite like the enduring awkwardness of frequently interacting with someone with whom you’ve had a messily romantic past, even if the romance was one-sided. 573 more words

I Hate Firsts...

Firsts are awkward, and intimidating. Putting yourself out there, showing yourself even in a watered form is always nerve-racking for me. Being in college there are constant ice-breakers that you have to answer, “What’s your major? 273 more words


The mis-adventures of Awkward Black Girl


So awkward. Seriously. This show is so awkward I feel awkward watching it. I feel awkward for all the stuff Jay goes through, the situations she gets stuck in… But maybe most of all I feel awkward because I remember those struggles. 502 more words



You are the only person the universe has ever been in love with, so it’s not quite sure how to do this.

Like, if it keeps throwing you flowers and birdsong and sales at the video game store, will you notice it? 183 more words

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