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Enforcing AWS Multi-Factor Authentication with IAM, PowerShell and PRTG

Introduction: MFA

Multi-Factor Authentication as utilised by AWS uses a TOTP (Time based One Time Password) setup with either a hardware or ‘virtual’ MFA device. The virtual device being the most commonly used, allowing you to use applications like Google Auth on your smartphone to generate passwords that are only viable for 60 seconds. 1,325 more words

Windows Server

Installing a CMS

This assignment instructed us to choose a CMS of our choice and install it from scratch on our own server.  I bounced between WordPress and Drupal but ultimately decided to go with WordPress as it is the CMS that the majority of the classwork is based upon. 245 more words


AWS Follow-up

A list of resources related to AWS

· 1,000 Genomes Project and AWS – http://aws.amazon.com/1000genomes/

· AWS Simple Monthly Cost Calculator -

· Link to AWS Support Options - 21 more words


Install phpmyadmin of linux ec2

Install phpMyAdmin

Navigate to the apache folder

cd /var/www/html

Ensure ownership of the folder (assuming signed in with ec2-user)

sudo chown ec2-user .

Download phpMyAdmin…

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Welcome to the big cloud big top

Cloud rivals who might have worried that cash-flush Google might start flat-out buying customers may be seeing those fears realized. Sort of.

Last week Google said it will   574 more words

Who's Already Benefiting from The Cloud?

In order to evolve as a country we learn how to make the way we do business more and more efficient everyday. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important in most areas of business due to the advantage of having important information in a safe place that is also easily accessible to others in your company. 438 more words

Serra Schlosser

Create new AWS server

Create new Key Pair.
EC2 > Key Pairs > Create Key Pair

Open Terminal and set “read only for the owner” for your key pair. Mine is in Downloads file. 180 more words