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Enterprise Adoption of Cloud Technology

Forrester recently published a research note on enterprise adoption of Cloud Technology.  The full report can be downloaded here from Akamai.com (after registration).  As the report was commissioned by Akamai who absolutely is not a neutral third party the results need to be considered with caution.  1,019 more words

Cloud Computing

投資急拡大のアマゾン、今期は「最大8億ドルの赤字」 [ #cbajp ]




サイオス、HAクラスターソフトの最新版にAmazon EC2のリージョン間クラスター構成、クラウド向け新機能搭載 [ #cbajp ]

サイオステクノロジーは7月24日、Linux用HAクラスターソフトウェアである「LifeKeeper for Linux」に、アマゾン ウェブ サービスのAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud において、地理的に離れた領域を表すリージョンを跨いだクラスター構成が可能になる他、クラウドに対応した新機能を搭載した最新版「LifeKeeper for Linux ver.8.3」を、7月28日より提供開始することを発表した。



Level 3 と Digital Realty:ネットワーク帯域幅をスケールさせる環境に、AWS と Azure を取り込む

Level 3, Digital Realty provide direct connection to Amazon, Microsoft cloud services
April 29, 2014 | By Sean Buckley

Level 3 Communications has established a new partnership with Digital Realty Trust where it will provide the data center provider’s customers in 14 U.S. 456 more words


swift를 이용해 aws s3에 이미지 2장 이상 동시에 저장

프로필 이미지 등을 저장할 때 사이즈에 따라 2장 이상을 동시에 저장할 경우가 생깁니다.

이럴 때 한장씩 sync로 올리면 파일의 숫자가 많을 경우 너무 많은 시간이 소요되겠지요. 110 more words


Customize Nginx config on Ruby1.9 Elastic Beanstalk

Requirement : Set a URL redirection in Nginx Configuration.

Example :

download.appygeek.com => https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilesrepublic.appygeek

On Beanstalk with Phusion Passenger Standalone (Ruby1.9), Nginx customization is highly discouraged. 165 more words


Pimping your web app using RDS read replica

Database Wisdom:

SQL> SELECT * FROM dba WHERE clue > 0;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Amazon RDS has a nifty feature (that surprisingly many people have not heard of) called…

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