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東京リージョンでDaaS「Amazon WorkSpaces」の提供を開始 [ #cbajp ]

Amazon Web Services(AWS)は27日、DaaS(Desktop as a Service)の「Amazon WorkSpaces」が、東京リージョン(データセンター群)でも利用可能になったと発表した。Amazon WorkSpacesは、Windows 7ライクな仮想デスクトップ環境をEC2インスタンス上から提供する、クラウドデスクトップサービス。PCだけでなく、iPad、Androidタブレット、Kindle Fireからアクセスでき、どのデバイスを使っても同じデスクトップ環境にアクセスして作業を行えるという。



AWS vs O365 vs On-Premises

Choosing a Platform?

If you’re wondering about the context then I’ll put you out of your misery. We’ve decided to venture back down the old faithful route of SharePoint, much to the dissatisfaction of some of our users. 298 more words


Amazon Opens Up Its Enterprise Cloud Storage Service Zocalo To All

Amazon today announced that it’s making Zocalo, its secure document storage and sharing service designed for enterprise use, generally available. The news comes, not coincidentally, on a day when cloud storage competitor… 332 more words


AWS Public Subnet behind ELB Network Setup


  1. ELB on instances spanning 2 public subnets
  2. instances require internet access when launched from Auto Scaling 



  • when an instanced was launched without Public IP/EIP, it can’t access the internet as the subnet route goes to IGW…
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CommVault、統合データ管理製品「Simpana」の新ソリューションセット [ #cbajp ]

CommVault Systems Japanは8月26日、統合データ管理製品「Simpana」において、クラウド管理機能と、仮想マシン管理やアプリケーションリカバリ関連のソリューション セットを発表した。「Simpana」は、単一プラットフォームで、バックアップ、アーカイブ、レプリケーションといったデータ管理機能を実現したソフトウェア。



IaaS IOPs Test - Azure Vs. AWS

I was curious recently about comparing disk IOPs between AWS and Microsoft Azure for IaaS Virtual Machines and the one thing that really surprised me was how much control and configurability you had when tuning and configuring disks. 581 more words

Amazon Web Services

In defence of All Women Shortlists

Following Austin Mitchell’s ill-informed (and frankly embarrassing) comments on women in parliament, the debate about All Women Shortlists in parliamentary selections has reared its head again: surely the best person for the job should be selected? 1,136 more words