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The benefits and challenges of software-defined power

Software-defined power provides key benefits for the data center. But how real is this technology, and is anyone using it yet?

Block HTTP traffic based on XFF IP behind ELB

iptables can only work with IP and we cannot make it use the values from a HTTP header

OS : Amazon Linux

#yum install mod_security
#vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/mod_security.conf…
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The cloud price war has high stakes for the Internet

“This week, our tech reporting team is exploring cloud computing — the big business of providing computing power and data storage that companies need, but which happens out of sight, as if it’s ‘in the cloud,’” Elise Hu reports for NPR. 237 more words


Centralized Ansible Management With Knocd + Auto-provisioning with AWS

Ansible is a great tool. We’ve been using it at my job with a fair amount of success. When it was chosen, we didn’t have a requirement for supporting Auto scaling groups in AWS. 2,426 more words

Part 2: Nevado JMS, Ehcache JMS WAN replication and AWS

This post is a followup to what is now part one, of my research into using Ehcache, JMS, Nevado, AWS, SNS and SQS to permit cache events to be replicated across different data-centers. 185 more words


オーリック、大量データのクレンジングから分析まで実施するクラウドを発表 [ #cbajp ]



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The end of cloud 1.0 is near

Google started a cloud price war and AWS and Azure are responding. The result will be the end of cloud 1.0 and the beginning of 2.0. 321 more words

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