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Just released: Cumulative Update 8 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Microsoft has released a new Hot Fix package CU8 for Dynamics Ax 2012 R3. It can be downloaded from Partnersource or Customersource. See link Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 CU8… 76 more words

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get product-category Descendants example

public FreeText getDecendants(ItemId _itemid)
    str Decendants;
    EcoResProductCategory ecoResProductCategory;
    EcoResCategory        ecoResCategory;

    EcoResCategory        ecoResCategoryAscendants;

    select firstOnly ecoResProductCategory

    select firstOnly ecoResCategory where ecoResCategory.RecId==ecoResProductCategory.Category;
    Decendants = ecoResCategory.Name;
    while select * from ecoResCategoryAscendants
            order by ecoResCategoryAscendants.NestedSetRight
                where   ecoResCategoryAscendants.CategoryHierarchy == EcoResCategory.CategoryHierarchy
                        && ecoResCategoryAscendants.NestedSetLeft  < EcoResCategory.NestedSetLeft
                        && ecoResCategoryAscendants.NestedSetRight > EcoResCategory.NestedSetRight
       Decendants = strFmt("%1-%2",ecoResCategoryAscendants.Name,Decendants);

    return Decendants;
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Add Range to Data Source on Form method:Init example code

example code :

.addRange(fieldNum(RetailPeriodicDiscount, PeriodicDiscountType))

example form on AX 2012 : RetailPeriodicDiscount

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How to delete a label file in AX 2012

If you end up with an obsolete label file in AX 2012 and want to delete it you cannot just right click and select delete from the popup menu. 49 more words


Reset prodction order status as created in AX 2012

void resetStatusToCreated(ProdTable _prodTable)
ProdMultiStatusDecrease  prodMultiStatusDecrease;
ProdParmStatusDecrease   prodParmStatusDecrease;
Args                     args = new Args();

if(_prodTable.ProdStatus > prodStatus::Created)

select prodParmStatusDecrease where prodParmStatusDecrease.ProdId == _prodTable.ProdId; 34 more words

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using "update_record" instead of "while select forupdate"

description on MSDN :
“This means that certain tasks may have improved performance by using the power of the SQL server.”

replace code below for a better perfomance. 27 more words

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How to print barcode Label , SSRS can't print on Landscape Printer AX 2012r2

Hi there ,
after the report being save to PDF on local drive, i call adobe to print barcode,
i have to did that, because SSRS can’t print on landscape printer. 230 more words

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