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Disabling XDS security on demand

When using XDS it is very simple to apply security policy to whole application based on role assigned to user. To do that ContextType in security policy needs to be set to… 139 more words

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How to find the financial dimension of a Customer/Vendor

static void sra_custdefaultdimensions_seg(Args _args)
VendTable vendTable;
CustTable custTable;
DimensionAttributeValueSet dimAttrValueSet;
DimensionAttributeValueSetItem dimAttrValueSetItem;
DimensionAttributeValue dimAttrValue;
DimensionAttribute dimAttr;
Common dimensionValueEntity;

// Find our supplier
custTable = CustTable::find(‘1101′); 114 more words

AX 2012 Shipments (Dispatch with pallets)

Hi All,

In this post we will be looking at the standard functions available within AX around shipments using the Pallet transport functionality.

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Fix security role assignment after copying business data DB only

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AX 2012 R2: Purchase Requisition not showing as release approve purchase requisition

Recently I faced an issue where Only one specific PR, which has completed the workflow approval cycle; showas the status as ‘Approved’ but still not coming on Release Approve Purchase Requisitions form. 215 more words

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Cache on Display method implemented at Form level

Some time you have to write display methods on form level, like you needed inputs from form and need to execute the Calculative logic based on those inputs. 183 more words

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Report catalog for Microsoft Dynamics AX [AX 2012]

Nice link from TechNet about Report catalog for Microsoft Dynamics AX 201, that tells you complete details about all reports available and helps you finding your actual reporting needs. 12 more words

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