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Ledger Transactions Import - AX 2012

static void LedgerTransImport(Args _args)


    Voucher                         voucherNum;












    LedgerJournalName   ledgerJournalName;

    LedgerJournalTable  ledgerJournalTable; 154 more words

Removing dimension values from dimension combination which doesn't have corresponding record in "Instance" table

Today after migrating data between instances I have encountered an error during posting of ledger journal. I’m not 100% sure exactly what happened (probably forgot to exclude one table from export definition) but after posting journal system could not validate one of ledger dimensions and thrown an error. 278 more words

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How to split dimensions into separate fields in tables without loops

Code below fills table DimensionFocusNameTmp _tmp with dimension values based on value in LedgerDimension field and Array of dimension attribute recid’s provided to the method. 604 more words

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Changing value in Ledger Dimension combination

Since I don’t have much time to write nice description (as usual), I will just post the code below which will allow you to change one dimension value in Ledger Dimension based on string value of dimension and dimension attribute name. 183 more words

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New feature in AX 2012 R3 - Inserting data in table directly from query

A new version/release of Dynamics AX is finally gone RTM and one of the new cool features is the ability to insert data from a query directly into a table. 465 more words


AX 2012 – financial dimension validation issue when posting big project hour journal

We have thousands records dumped into AX Project | hour journal from outside application, these records share shame journal, multiple vouchers, each voucher has 100+ lines; these records have different combination of financial dimensions. 143 more words

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