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Prototype Leather Daneaxe for HEMA fencing

I study Highland Broadsword with my local HEMA group every week, and reading more Scottish and Irish history has made me want to have a go with one of the longaxes used before the Renaissance. 267 more words


Stock Removal Viking Axe: Progress

I have made some more progress on my stock removal axe. Most of the heavy grinding had been done so I heated the axehead in the forge to soften the steel before I started chiselling it. 320 more words



Simple enough but these descriptive words get latched onto by  experienced and less experienced jargon speakers alike, throwing them so loosely around with more or less concern for accuracy, confusion setting in, clear thinking thwarted at the outset. 255 more words


Tools, the humble pry bar.

Aka crowbar, wrecking bar, pinch-bar, prise bar, spud bar, jimmy, or gooseneck.

All names for the same thing, a steel bar for opening things.
Don’t forget the longer the bar is, the more force you can apply. 114 more words


Axe Ice

It’s  an axe that may not warrant a second look except in this instance where it fits the bill. An axe of unknown origins meaning that I don’t know where I got it from when I did get it, and I got it. 181 more words