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Song of the Day - Music Video Madness

Happy LOTR Battle Scene Compilation Day! OK, so I made that up. But seriously, what better way to kick off the Saturday afternoon than a montage of slice and dice battle action set to the one and only Ensiferum? 23 more words


Tipton Place (Cades Cove) and noses...

Back to the Smoky trip, Cades Cove is an interesting location for photography with many good historical sites available and accessible.  One such is Tipton Place. 298 more words


May I Introduce Pip?

This is Pip!

Pip is 29cm (about 11.4in) tall and enjoys hacking things up with her axe.

You see, for creative writing these last two weeks, we’ve been doing some old school table-top roll playing, specifically the Famine in Far-Go module from the first edition of Gamma World which was release back in 1978. 408 more words



Norway first enchanted me when I was seven years old…though the 1958 blockbuster The Vikings.  I must have watched this film hundreds of times. Today, at the age of twenty seven, I’m still bewitched by the history of the Norsemen, and am currently addicted to the hugely popular TV series… 20 more words


AXE parser

AXE est un langage très proche du Basic-TI mais 5x plus rapide ! Il utilise quasiment les mêmes tokens, s’écrit et se lance directement sur la calculatrice comme si vous programmiez en Basic-TI. 451 more words