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[Case Study] AXE - "Heaven on Earth" Activation Campaign

LBrand: AXE “Excite”

Creative Idea: Xịt khử mùi hương nước hoa mới hấp dẫn đến cả thiên thần cũng không cưỡng nổi (“Even angels fall”). 338 more words


Dumpster Diving was the way to find treasures

Back in the early 80’s was a raw innocent time, when you can take things the way they are, no questions asked. There was a time when Dumpster diving was a normal thing and no one thought twice about it. 290 more words


Axe murderer

Under the category of things I never thought necessary to explicitly state: “Son, never, ever again use Axe Body spray as a room freshener.”


t a l e n t e d w h o r e

sorry folks for not answering for quite a while, had a stressfull week, yeah i know, as we all do -

wow. difficult theme An, actually really difficult . 298 more words


XCode 6.0.1 "Launch due to background fetch" scheme setting not working?

Ok, I’m implementing background fetch and so far everything is good. The only problem that I face is that I cannot test the case when the app isn’t running and is launched in the background. 85 more words


Real life Sex Panther: 70% of the Time it works all the time

Okay gang, I know you’re not used to seeing me write, but this is something I had to share in a blog post. I’m sure it’ll make it’s way into a podcast at some point but here goes. 308 more words

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