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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days personal opinion

As a Kingdom Hearts fan I try to make it a priority to buy every game to follow the story. This game had very interesting story because instead of playing as Sora, you play as Roxas in the days when he first joined Organization XIII. 170 more words

Video Games

Uncorking the Rancid Wine

Well, the update was that it’s now day 18 and it looks like we are going to go for longer as Axel has now stated that he wants me to go until I return from a trip to Australia which is on Valentine’s Day, ironically. 773 more words


This. Is. Not. About. Me.

So, day 16 or 17 for me, but none of that matters because it snowed in New York.

Did anyone else hear about that?

I live in a part of the country where we are sent home from work and schools close at a quarter of an inch of snow, so I really have no idea of the actual misery, but all day yesterday I found myself jealous of the newscasters and weathermen who had multiple upon multiple orgasms every time someone said the the words “blizzard” or “inches”. 698 more words



Sometimes getting faded is good, but other times…not so much.

Hip Hop

Four Lessons in Horniness

So, just to start it off and put it out there, it’s been 15 days since I have ejaculated. I know that most of the men who have been into chastity for awhile read that sentence and muddle to themselves about the fucking newbie who thinks that two weeks is some sort of milestone or something similar. 1,370 more words


The Kinky Weekend - MAL 2015

Hello from the end (of our) of Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend (www.leatherweekend.com) where Axel and I lost our gay fetish event virginity. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing the sights, both good and bad. 1,404 more words