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Natural selection 4 - Gills allowed

The Mexican who never grew up

Spill the beans, amphibian Pedro Pan,
Can you resolve the mystery
Of your preternatural history?
Prince of perpetual adolescence;

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Crochet Axolotl Pattern!

So…recently someone I follow said they were planning on making an axolotl plushie for one of their friends. This gave me the idea that I should crochet one for my boyfriend since he likes axolotls. 620 more words

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Over lunch today, Zac told us about a funky freshwater creature. Axolotls, members of the salamander family, live exclusively in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico. How very posh.  488 more words

What is Wooper Based On? [Quick Bit]

Wooper is based on a real world animal called an axolotl, also known as the Mexican Water Monster. It is truly adorable and ferocious. If an axolotl is not separated from others when it’s a baby, it will start to eat the limbs of the other axolotls around it. 271 more words


No Rest For the Nerdy or What Exactly Is An Axolotl?

It’s been a while, little blog!

I’d like to say that I have been busy crafting up a storm and working on my shop, but that would be a lie. 323 more words


In other news, Red Bull is good.

   They asked me why I was up all night. All I could say was “hobbies.”

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Using My Hands (Crafts)

Top 10 Crazy Animal Facts You Don’t Know

As someone who loves nature trivia, I get very disappointed seeing the same 50 tidbits making the rounds on the internet like some greatest hits of the animal kingdom. 1,799 more words