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A little Axolotl

A new pattern is out!

Isn’t he adorable? I can totally relate to these little salamanders that just refuse to completely grow up :P

I have wanted to make an Axolotl pattern ever since I started designing my own creatures, and here it is at last. 352 more words


Regeneration in experimentally induced metamorphic axolotls

Several amphibians are really good in regenerating their limbs after amputation. However, even in these champions of regeneration, this amazing capacity to regrow such a complex structure is often conditioned by the life stage of the animal. 571 more words


Welcome Back Axolotl!

This rare amphibian, recently thought to only exist in labs and aquariums, has been spotted TWICE in its natural habitat of the Xochimilco lake system. 71 more words

Feel Good

Axolotl Found

It really is a shame that so many animals are threatened by loss of habitat and poaching.  By this point in history, you would assume that people would know better.   330 more words

Alex Fetanat