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Entheogens: Ayahuasca documentary

Will you bite the fruit of knowledge? It may bite you right back…

Frej Von Fräähsen

Insert foot here

This innocent text was accidentally sent to a client.

And that client called me.  She called me wanting to know who I was because obviously this text wasn’t meant for her. 685 more words


A Life of Fear

Disorders of the mind are debilitating, they hold us back in ways that are often hard to put into words. Somewhere along the way we decided this part of ourselves only needed to be shared with our closest confidants, that somehow sharing our faults with the world made us look weak, even if those faults may have simply been sewn into our DNA, or engrained in us at a young age through trauma we may not even remember. 1,779 more words


The Magic Journey

My adventure continues and would you believe I am back in the jungle of Peru. Tierra Mitica really captured my spirit and i am here now volunteering and learning more about how to stay conscious and help other people just like me coming to experience the lessons and journeys of the Grandmother Ayahuasca. 211 more words


Hallucinogenic: Ben Lee talks Ayahuasca

One of the most successful singer-songwriters of our time, Ben Lee has produced hit after Indie-pop hit – picking up four ARIAs, two APRA Awards, and copious nominations along the way. 763 more words