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Beside the River with Mother Ayahuasca


In the wake of my awakening experience in India, I became totally fascinated with what this new found awareness was, who I was and my relationship to the Universe. 3,359 more words


Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift: Trailer

Ayahuasca Nature’s Greatest Gift with a run time of 1 hour is the second half of the shamanic documentary series THE PATH OF THE SUN and explores the benefits of the medicinal plant ayahuasca. 103 more words


Mi Icaro

Shaking chakapas
shaman approaches;
leaves brush my shoulder.
His icaro breath:

Yarindin,” he sings,
vortex of visions
sweating through his skin
with pounding… 39 more words


PERU (June 23)

Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth (awakening your life’s purpose)
Ego is an illusion
Wanting is the ultimate ego gratification
Living in the present, experiencing life itself is the only way to calm the ego… 135 more words


PERU (June 20)

Today was supposed to be another San Pedro day; however, I was sadly unable to get the drink down. Now I am just grumpy and hating everything. 376 more words


San Pedro - The StarGate

In the morning Luiz and I went to the internet cafe, I wrote a blog post and we ran back to the house to meet up with Ninoska and Blake. 1,909 more words


Choquequiro - Final Ascent

Getting up early as usual, our invisible patron showed himself at last as we were putting our tent away. The cost for our stay upon his land was 33 cents. 609 more words