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Ayahuasca Journal 13: The War Between Worlds

My vision took hold. I felt myself plummeting wildly through a dark space for some time before another hard landing on a desolate rocky ledge. I was marooned on a small outcrop of rock jutting out from a mountainside reaching high up into the heavens. 3,150 more words


Queen of the Forest

Queen of the forest,
Open my eyes to see the truth.
I drink to serve you, to learn from you.

Drum beat drum beat drum beat drum. 334 more words



I’m currently on Hornby Island. I ended up here because someone through couch surfing offered to show me around. After looking into all my options on Salt Spring Island and realizing that I didn’t have a place to stay I decided to come up here. 630 more words


The Temple of the Way of Don Charles - Deep Immersion Program

The secrets of the shamanic world of Ayahuasca have been steadily seeping into western awareness since the early part of the twentieth century. Today, in the year of 2014, hundreds of Ayahuasca retreat centres exist with the purpose of providing the spiritual seeker with an authentic taste of the magic potion that has been transforming human consciousness for probably thousands of years. 2,723 more words



It’s so crazy to think that today I was supposed to start the ayahuasca retreat in Peru, but instead I’m on my way to Salt Spring Island. 762 more words


René Guénon and the Crisis of the Modern World

Whilst away in England I read René Guénons book, written in 1927, “The Crisis of the Modern World” and have continued reading his later book… 1,424 more words

Madre Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca, Succubi, and Internet Porn

A common theme linking together many different traditions of spiritual development is the concept of sexual abstinence. From the solemn ashrams of the meditative East to the psychedelic jungle fever of the Amazon, the spiritual seeker is continuously reminded to keep his or her pants on. 1,127 more words