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Charlotte Spins the Parables of Jesus

By Chris Ayers (DMin ’97)

To disrupt the social order and communicate the vastness of God’s love for us, Jesus often used parables. Beyond depictions of the life and ministry of Jesus, scenes from the parables are among the most potent images in art and are a continual source of inspiration for artists worldwide. 354 more words

For God's Changing World

3-D Printing Exclusive: Interview With SME Industry Manager Kevin Ayers

3-D Printing Exclusive: Interview With SME Industry Manager Kevin Ayers
Now we have a lot of companies coming out and buying equipment as not just… 81 more words

Live Thread: D'Souza v. Ayers on Meghan Kelly Show 6/2/14

Live Thread: D’Souza v. Ayers on Meghan Kelly Show 6/2/14Fox News | 6/2/14 | D’Souza AyersPosted on 7/2/2014, 9:06:59 PM by St_Thomas_AquinasJust turned it on. D’Souza can pursue a line of thought, unlike Meghan.

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Megyn Kelly Calls Out Bill Ayers in a Big Way During Highly Anticipated Interview: ‘It’s in Your Book!’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

When Ayers denied being involved in the bombing, Kelly read directly from a book written by Bill Ayers,

Bernadine Dorhn and Jeff Jones called, “Sing a Battle Song.” Here’s the quote Kelly read after Ayers’ denial: Two weeks before the townhouse explosion, four members of this group had firebombed Judge Murtagh’s house in… 337 more words

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If you watched “Dreams From My Real Father” http://www.obamasrealfather.com   you will remember that Bill Ayers’ father, Thomas Ayers was also noted to have been a communist. 664 more words

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