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OPI Nail Polish Red Hot Ayers Rock NLA47

Reviews OPI Nail Polish Red Hot Ayers Rock NLA47 for sale

Please take a few moments to view the OPI Nail Polish Red Hot Ayers Rock NLA47… 74 more words

Uluru & Kata Tjuta

Bezoek aan Uluru (Ayers Rock) en Kata Tjuta (de Olga’s) in het noordelijk territorium (red centre). Religieuze plaats voor de Anangu (aborigines), de eigenaars van deze rotsformaties. 9 more words


Creative Insubordination: Reading Ayers's and Alexander-Tanner's "The Mystery of Teaching"

I think this reading/comic brings up some issues we encounter or will encounter often as educators: autonomy and power. I wish everyone felt the way Williams Ayers does when he says, “Teaching is the vocation of vocations, a calling that shepherds a multitude of other callings.” This is beautiful, but unfortunately the quote I most often hear about teaching is, “Those who can’t do teach.” As educators, we are often not given autonomy or power. 333 more words


The Professorial Debates: An Incipiency Threshold Navigation

Fireworks erupt as @megynkelly takes on former professor over his incendiary 9/11 comments: http://t.co/oa83CrjHNu pic.twitter.com/QvfckFlAz4

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#kellyfile interview with Ward Churchill part 1 via…

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Teach for America Pushes Bill Ayers’ ‘Culturally Responsive Teaching’

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Now that the word is out about what “social justice” education really is, progressive ed organizations have taken to altering their speak in an apparent attempt to avoid further scrutiny. 156 more words