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David Carr: At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time

For most of recorded history, we have witnessed war in the rearview mirror. It took weeks and sometimes months for Mathew Brady’s, and his associates’, photos of  

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Human Rights

Rula Jebreal Scolds Network for Lack of Palestinian Views - " Disgustingly Biased " - MSNBC

Published on Jul 21, 2014
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7-21-14 – ( MSNBC ) – During Monday’s Ronan Farrow Daily, MSNBC guest Rula Jebreal criticized MSNBC, its sibling NBC News, and other news outlets for vastly over-presenting the Israeli side of the Israel-Hamas conflict. 171 more words


When Media Coverage Of Gaza And Israel Becomes The Story

When it comes to news about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the media coverage itself often becomes the story. Dena Takruri looks at how the U.S. media got it wrong and right during the latest violence in Gaza and Israel.


Gaza through the eyes of someone far from home

Guest contribution by Deena Kishawi

As the days of summer pass, I have tried hard to ignore the news. Not because I don’t want to know the goings-on in the world but because I know that if I see or hear something that strikes a nerve, my heart will shatter just as forcefully. 728 more words


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sarah sara may be firth, but liz wahl was first and had forearmed us…

28 July approaches, as we remember the Hapsburg Empire, decrepit and incompetent and what those conditions brought about for that eagle, that imperial eagle that would come crashing down with others… 909 more words