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Shipping Industry Insights: Ports in Asia

China is popularly known as the leader of the world’s busiest ports since decades. It possesses an important number of ports that are located in different parts of the countries, the top ones are at Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. 339 more words


Ayu Seal of Approval

Made another seal of approval – Ayu seal of approval~


The Wonder of Aluminium Foil

What is so wonderful about aluminium foil ? You might think that its utility is quite limited and that it is most commonly used to wrap-up or store your food, or sometimes to remove manicure gel. 475 more words

Metal Products

The Evolution of Bridge

The bridge is used to provide a way over an obstacle, such as water, valley or road. Its size differs according to its destination, it can be used to cross a river or even from one city to another. 591 more words


The Sharing Economy

In today’s society where the pressure of environmental sustainability is growing, the problems of overproduction and overconsumption are becoming more and more important. To answer this problem, a new system of economy begins to appear : “The Sharing Economy”, also called “The Collaborative Economy”.   369 more words

Shanghai Metal Corporation

12/24 Zutto.../Last minute/Walk

2009年「You were… / BALLAD」以来となる冬バラード・シングルが12月24日にリリース決定。数々の名曲を生み出してきた、小室哲哉氏、多胡邦夫氏、湯汲哲也氏という豪 華作曲家陣を迎え、“TKバラード”、“王道冬バラード”、“ロック・バラード”という、それぞれの個性が詰まった未発表新曲3曲を一挙収録!ファンが待ち望んだ今年の冬を彩る究極のバラード3部作が、クリスマス・イヴに誕生!!


CD「Zutto… / Last minute / Walk」

01. Zutto… (Original mix)
02. Last minute (Original mix)
03. Walk (Original mix) 21 more words