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Overnight Koflet Without Prescription. Order Koflet Online ...

Koflet is advantageous in both productive and dried out cough. The mucolytic and expectorant properties decrease the thickness of bronchial discharges and promote expectoration. Koflet’s possesses antitussive (cough reliever) activity diminishes bronchial mucosal bothering and related bronchospasms. 235 more words


Balance your internal energy and get amazing health benifits by practcing perfect Yoga mudras

Mudras mean gestures adopted during pranayams and meditations that directs flow of energy into our body. These mudra yoga techniques stimulate different areas of the brain. 647 more words


How good is Turmeric for you?

I have always heard about the benefits of turmeric from various people – but never really understood how powerful this natural ingredient was for our bodies!  195 more words


Gingerbread spice mix

I’m going to devote this post to my lovely gingerbread mix which is sooo versatile and can be used to pretty much anything! To be frank, how much can you actually write about a gingerbread mix to fill a whole post about it? 575 more words


Oil Pulling

 Oil Pulling…Say What?

  • What is it?  Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice used to heal the body by ridding it of toxins.
  • What does it help with?
  • 162 more words
All Natural


On most Saturdays I am lucky enough to sit in near perfect weather, bay-side and practice meditation under Jenny’s instruction. Without exception, I end yoga practice with a gratitude for my life, belongings and situation. 91 more words

Jivita Ayurveda, Kensal Rise

If you haven’t yet discovered Jivita Ayurveda in Kensal Rise, you are in for a treat. You may have heard about this therapy, may have read about it here and there when scouring London spas. 539 more words

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