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How and Why to Control Diabetes at the right time

Most of the people, when diagnosed with diabetes feel that their happy days are over. For them, life is truncated in many constraints and rules. It is not that problematic to uphold a healthy diabetic life. 239 more words


delighted with... coconut oil

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Is there any reason for not being delighted with something, what helps you to stay beautiful and fresh all year long? 701 more words


Haritaki - The magical herb!

Haritaki is one of the components of the very famous Ayurvedic formula called Triphala. Some of Haritaki’s characteristics.

Latin: Terminalia Chebula
Rasa: Pancharasa (has five… 119 more words


The joys of Ghee!

In my home, we are not afraid of fat. In fact, I regularly use one of six types of fat in my cooking. The first two are store-bought, the rest are all homemade. 615 more words


Scrape Your Tongue for Optimal Health

So the first post in the series of Raising our Vibration for 2015 begins with a rather wacky task to add to your morning ritual – but one that makes a big difference to how you feel, your health and therefore to your vibration. 859 more words


Bad Case of The Flu

I have been sick all week; this has definitely been the longest I have ever been ill. The prescribed medicine isn’t helping, and quiet honestly I am sick of being sick! 135 more words