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Dosha's, Being Pitta, and Balance

I think one of my favorite lectures was Jen Wooten’s on Dosha’s. Up until that point I had gone through life thinking that it wasn’t okay that most of my friends were so flippant and that I was so methodical in the way I tried to structure things. 955 more words


Besides high protein level, Soya is the most controversial foods in the world

Soybean is hailed as the most protective bean. It has the highest protein content about 40% amongst plant products.

But same time soya is the one of the most controversial foods in the world. 478 more words


Beet & Radish

Simple yet fulfilling balance of raw and cooked food.  The grounding nature of beets and the light zest of radish baby greens is marriage made in Ayurvedic heaven ;) 35 more words

Therapeutic Thursdays: Detox Foot Bath

Each morning I wake up to the sound of multiple alarms on my phone and even before I can look at the clock, the Yahoo weather app pops up in front of me. 608 more words


your nails will tell your health


Weak, Brittle, or Splitting

How it affects your health:

Brittle nails often related to advancing age. Less seriously, your nails could be over processed due to harsh manicures, acrylic nails, or gel wraps. 640 more words


The role of Basic Sciences in Ayurvedic Medicine


I was recently asked, rather last minute, to speak at a conference that was going on at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), in Varanasi India. 972 more words


Ayurveda - Nature's Medicine in a Nutshell

Ayurveda, meaning ”Science of Life”, is one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world, originating in India.  It is now gaining increasing popularity in the West, as people are keen to seek out an holistic approach to their lifestyles, wanting to treat the cause of illness and upset, rather than simply take a one-pill-suits-all for whatever symptoms they may be suffering with. 230 more words

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