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Political Drama

The recent Azadi and Inqilabi marches have kept the national media quite busy these past 2 weeks. Now things have taken a turn for worse as demonstrations have spilled over into violence and bloodshed as neither the government nor Imran Khan is ready to back down and negotiate. 457 more words


A case for revolution

The two marches which are being called the biggest challenge to the ruling elite in the 67 years of Pakistan’s history, have brought up a rather what one could be forgiven to call in the face of how relevant it is to the common man, a rather academic  discussion. 831 more words

Minhaj Ul Quran

The life and times of a Pakistani revolutionist

Meet your quintessential desi revolutionist. Let’s call him Youthiya. Youthiya is just like you and I on any other day. He likes to go to the Cinema on a Sunday with his friends. 1,949 more words


Pakistan And Its Representatives: Problem (Part 1)


In Pakistan, I repeat in Pakistan, democracy means majority is authority, one who got maximum votes is elected as member of national or provincial assembly or Prime Minister and President at upper level. 510 more words



اعتقال رئيس المجلس المحلي الغربي من قبل عناصر ب ي د الاستاذ وجدي درويش بعد المظاهرة التي دعت لها المجلس المحلي الغربي للمجلس الوطني الكردي في قامشلو للتنديد بالهجمات التي تقوم بها داعش على المناطق الكردية وحيث طوقت المظاهرة من قبل عناصر ال Y P G التابع ل ب ي د وامرت بانهاء المظاهرة وتم اعتقال رئيس المجلس المحلي وعدد اخر من اعضاء المجلس منهم عبد الغفور اسماعيل اياد عبد الكريم

Dear Pakistanis, Cherish your Independence!

We as a nation have become so critical of ourselves that we often forget to cherish the blessings in our lives. Specially, when it comes to critically analyzing the situation of our country, we take no caution in blaming the country for all the wrongs happening around. 578 more words

Independence Day, Pakistan

Down the slopes of Himalayas. Till the shores of the Arabian Sea, spanning the mighty Indus River is my country, Pakistan.
A land enriched by fertile plains, towering mountains, gushing rivers and sprawling deserts. 124 more words

14 August