Lucifer Dismantled: The Final Fall

The mere mention of lucifer often strikes dread in the heart of believers, and also arouses the scent of burning sulfur and justified punishment. Lucifer is seemingly for ever synonymous with Satan; although, the two words are not entirely equivalent to each other. 1,008 more words


Insert dll code inside executable to make it free from dependecies

I’ve an executable with a lot of dll from which it import function. I need to know if there’s a way to insert the code of .dll inside the .exe to make it free from others file,so to have just the executable distributed. 17 more words


The Day of Atonement

The annual religious festivals that God commands true Christians to observe are clearly discussed in Leviticus 23.

By Dennis Leap

Oct. 3, 2014

Did you know that God reveals His master plan through a series of annual holy days that almost nobody understands?

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My neighbor has a cousin we’ll call her Beth

and that bitch smokes a whole lotta meth

she’s tweaking and freaking and geeking and seeking… 57 more words


I know you both been shot by cupid

and that devil made you both so stupid

it happened to me during the divorce

I was starved for love and so i was forced… 126 more words

40 Miles An Hour

Last night I rode on a hood doing 40 miles an hour

I was not scared at all, in fact I felt some power

I wanted him to lose control and throw me off the hood… 58 more words