I Just Swim

I don’t know how I feel today, so I guess I am numb.  I started a new anti-depressant yesterday and those tend to make me glum.   247 more words

Reworking Pursued

After some helpful feedback, I’m reworking Pursued once more. Before I was giving too much info away in the beginning. I have the Prologue and up to chapter 5 complete now. 129 more words



I have never been a fan

of creating a long-term plan

My future, not so grand

as live in this cold, harsh land

As a child I knew no affection… 73 more words

Azazel – midtøstens syndebukk

Gjentatte ganger høres anklagene mot Israel. Enten det er fordi Israel slår tilbake når de blir angrepet, eller det er når deres egen befolkning blir slaktet ned på den mest grusomme måte. 412 more words


Day 14: Two weeks!

After lunch, we set back to it. The work was interesting, and required enough attention to detail and knowing the moment when to cut, that the rest of the day went by quickly. 844 more words

Day 13: Brain Exhaustion

Let’s talk demons…and not just the personal kind. Although, that kind of demon is much worse in the excision sometimes.No. Let’s talk real-life, 100 percent factual, malicious and malevolent presences that slide into the cracks of all things deemed “normal” and routine. 1,560 more words

Day 12: Let's introduce the real antagonist

Dee and I flew high above the day in progress for the world far below. We touched down just outside a high school gymnasium during what looked like the middle of a basketball game between two different school teams. 1,775 more words