Can't browse other website i don't know what happen

So I did fresh install windows 8.1 to my computer today i never had this problem when I was using windows 7. I tried reinstalling firefox but this error is still there. 93 more words

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[CÉKI] Une plante en pot ?

Allez, pour une fois, je vais croquer quelqu’un qui me plaît bien. Il a peut-être fait le connard comme mes piafs habituels, mais j’ai pas eu vent de ces insanités. 48 more words


Letter To Azazel And Companions

Letter to Azazel/Azazyel

We still suffer so much because of you.

You and you’re companion’s thought it would be good to come to earth and mix with us, you taught us instruments of war, vanity’s and so many other great crimes, in that the world was altered. 359 more words


Updated Prologue

Noticed some major errors in the Pursued Prologue and fixed them all. This sneak peak includes the Prologue, Chapters 1, 2, and 3. I guess editing is never done is it, lol

Pursued Sneak Peak



After getting some very helpful feedback last night, I reworked the Prologue once more for Pursued. It is much stronger now. More detail, and I’m not giving anything away this time. 80 more words


The new version, good reviews so far

Hubby finally read the new prologue for Pursued and he’s not an average reader but he loves it! Says it’s better than Pathfinders. He’s trying to get the ending out of me hahaha a writer never tells :p I think this is one of my best so far. 13 more words


Bem-Vindo ao Molau

O Molau é um blog criado para divulgar os meus trabalhos, desenhos, videos e informações variadas.

O Molau foi criado em 2009 com um intuito de ser uma produtora audiovisual mas o projeto foi abandonado em 2011 por incompatibilidade de agendas, mas eu nunca desisti desse sonho e permaneço com o projeto desde o abandono da equipe. 476 more words