Azazel and Very Angry Birds: The Beauty of Community

I watched a small city of frantic birds wheel and squawk across our back yard. At first I thought they were crows, then realized with awe that they were sparrows chasing a huge marauding hawk back and forth over the house. 425 more words

Could Cain be something else?

I found something interesting on IMDb which sparked my imagination and wanted to share with you guys.

Cain appears very different and the thread thought could Cain be a Dark Angel? 438 more words



I have literally been witness to a demon or five making their exit from my flesh when Jesus saved me very abruptly in 2008….six years later, I hearken back to Matthew 12:43-45, as the seven or more really fuck with me hard.


At some point, I will confront my feelings head-on and write a well-thought out, meaningful, tear-jerking ass post for one of my other twenty-two blogs which were created on the premise of  ‘seriousness’….confronting demons aka my everyday problems and whatnot….

Everything I Love

Everything I love goes away from me, gets taken from me, or dies.  It’s just the way it is.  I’m so glad I don’t love money, cause if I did, I sure wouldn’t have any.

Project IV: Revised Site Model & Study Model

For the fourth and final phase of this project we were to create a place of work for an assigned inhabitant, with the design of this place being influenced by our street artist or acting architect that we picked out of a hat. 331 more words