So…I’m gonna rant…

Why is it fucking politcally correct to assume David Carradine died from auto erotic asphyxiation, but not Robin Williams?

I love Robin Williams as much as anyone else who doesn’t really know him or love him, but… 17 more words

Don't Be Suicidal.....

Don’t be suicidal.


Let the Goetia teach you…

or the Archangels…


the Goetia are more willing to teach.

Or, maybe it’s that they are easier to hear…. 10 more words

Wendy's Drive-Thru Poker

I’ll see your “not turning the stereo down playing, Staind, one of my most hated bands,¬† from way too fucking loud at the Wendy’s drive thru pick up window” and raise it by singing very loudly in my off key ass, still thinking I can sing voice, to the cashier handing us our food.

9th Degree Borderline

“How does it feel to be middle-aged and a 9th Degree Borderline?”, I ask myself.

I continue, “You’ve spent your whole life getting your needs met by your beauty”. 27 more words

Short Story (Romance Forever)

(Story written by me.)

The man and woman looked down at the sheer cliffs below them, trying to make out what they could in the darkness. 738 more words

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