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The Washington Times: Евроигры превратят Азербайджан в мировую спортивную арену

В течение двухнедельной феерии на первых Европейских играх, которые стартуют в июне в Баку, в центре внимания будут спортсмены, артисты и технологии, что превратит Азербайджан в мировую спортивную арену.

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Access to Information in Azerbaijan

(ASSIGNMENT: Write a 300 word blogpost on access to information in your country.)

Despite claims of freedom of information for journalists, Azerbaijan proves to be abysmal at allowing access to information. 302 more words

Keep your bank cards safe and sound

Non-cash payment is gaining popularity in Azerbaijan. It is pleasant indeed to have all your money with you in a small piece of plastic. However, the bankcards are vulnerable around the world and in the country. 478 more words


How the massive outflow of migrants from Russia will affect Azerbaijan?

In 2014, in addition to the sanctions of the West, the economic crisis and the sharp depreciation of the ruble, Russia faced another problem. The migrants are leaving country in droves. 1,534 more words


AZERBAIJAN – Work Permits Not Required for Trips of Up To 90 Days

Effective November 2014, foreign nationals sent to work in Azerbaijan for less than 90 cumulative days per year in certain industries do not need to obtain a work permit. 25 more words


CCBE urges release of Intigam Aliyev

On December 22, Maria Ślązak, President of Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) addressed a public letter to President of Azerbaijan for the urgent release of… 149 more words


APB Inaugural Title Matches: Results

Baku (Azerbaijan) and Istanbul hosted the first round of the APB Inaugural Title Matches for 91+ kg, 75 kg and 69 kg with the following results. 564 more words