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'Parks and Rec' gag reel reminds how excited you are for Season 7

Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer and the rest of Pawnee’s parks department employees are only going to be around for one final TV season. Which is really sad. 109 more words


Li'l Sebastian Replaced The 'Parks And Recreation' Cast In The Season 6 Gag Reel

There are a lot of things to like about the just-released Parks and Recreation season six gag reel. Nick Offerman dances, Aubrey Plaza can’t stop laughing while Chris Pratt paws around in a dumpster, Adam Scott orders Amy Poehler around some more while sitting on the Iron Throne, and Jim O’Heir pulls a real-life Jerry/Larry/Gary. 36 more words


The Plight of a Fan in a Citytown

Comedy has always been a part of my life. I don’t remember this, but my parents have told me Toonces upset me as a small child (although for real, why are you letting a small child watch Toonces). 978 more words


An Act of God Was Gonna Have to Stop Me from Seeing Louis C.K.

This years Funny or Die Oddball Festival marked the third time Louis C.K. would be venturing into Tampa (this is just from what I can recall over the last few years that I have been a fan, I’m almost positive he’s been here more times than that), or what I like to call Satan’s asshole. 1,259 more words


Aziz Ansari Asks The People Of Reddit: Have You Ever Had An Open Relationship?

Aziz Ansari put a call out on Twitter to a Reddit thread he started earlier today, asking people about their experience with open relationships. If you’re wondering why he was asking — no, it wasn’t for personal advice or just overall curiosity as to the sexual habits of the people of Reddit (although maybe a little bit?) — it’s actually because he’s looking for material for a new… 192 more words


#LaughterAt10After: Aziz Ansari - 50 Cent Grapefruit Story

We know it’s a struggle to get up in the morning. Why not have a good laugh to make that morning grind more enjoyable?

It’s the Hot Morning Crew’s #LaughterAt10After everyday from 6:10am & 8:10am every morning! 33 more words


Here's a Supercut of All of Tom Haverford's Ridiculous Business Ideas on Parks and Rec

One of the many excellent running jokes in NBC’s Parks and Recreation is Tom Haverford’s, uh, entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the series, he comes up with a variety of business ideas, ranging from the… 48 more words