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Lunch at Fresh Flours

Fresh flours is a Japanese influenced bakery in Ballard that does the best croissants/danishes I’ve ever had.

They also carry sables and macarons flavoured with matcha or yuzu which are really delicate and melty. 198 more words



Before the Meiji era, at which time Japan adopted the Western calendar, the old calendar was based on the phases of the moon. The full moon always fell on the 15th day of the lunar month, and the full moon of the first month of the year was celebrated as Koshogatsu 小正月. 439 more words


New Year's Oshiruko

Yesterday was New Year’s day so naturally brother and I went to the local Buddhist Temple to welcome the new year. Brother is Catholic, while I’ve been Buddhist for almost a decade, but he does come with me to services from time to time. 140 more words