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Migrate Azure Virtual Machines between Storage Accounts!!!!!!!!

When you create an Azure Virtual Machine, there are two services that work in tandem to create this machine: Compute and Storage.
When creating a Virtual Machine, we require that the VHD be located in a storage account in the same region where you are creating the VM… 60 more words


Attend a Free Microsoft Cloud DevCamp

Learn about the latest Microsoft Azure development tools and technologies from Microsoft technical experts at your local Microsoft Cloud DevCamp. This event would take place in United States. 127 more words

Microsoft Azure

Managing Documents with DocumentDB Studio

I released a second Beta of DocumentDB Studio (release

DocumentDB Studio is to Azure DocumentDB what SQL Management Studio is to SQL Server and SQL Azure: a one-stop shop to manage and interact with your DocumentDB. 406 more words


Upgrading DocumentDB Studio

See this blog post on how to install Azure DocumentDB Studio from scratch.

Now with release just out of the door, you might want to simply upgrade. 66 more words


DockerとMicrosoft:Windows ServerおよびMicrosoft AzureとDockerを統合 [ #cbajp ]

Linux、Windows Server、Microsoft Azure上ですばらしいコンテナベースの開発を可能にするため、MicrosoftはDocker社と提携したことを発表させて頂きます。Dockerとは、開発者や管理者が、分散アプリケーションの構築、出荷、実行ができるオープンプラットフォームです。



Using MakeCert.exe to Create a Root and Client Certificate

When working with a Microsoft Azure subscription in a test environment it might be beneficial to test the VPN set up. There are a couple of choices when making a VPN connection into your Azure subscription, one of them is a Point-to-Site connection. 293 more words


Azure Automation | Start | Stop | Virtual machines.

Azure automation is a cool feature that can use to automate the creation, monitoring, deployment and management of cloud resources in your Microsoft Azure subscription using a highly-available workflow execution engine. 368 more words

Azure Automation Start And Stop Vm