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Your work matters, don't let your email communications be TLDR

Much like last week, today I was again thinking about making connections, and how hard it can sometimes be. So I wanted to share a tip I learned, to connect more efficiently and faster with others via email to avoid TLDR—Too Long, Didn’t Read. 391 more words


Metaphors for Traction

Metaphoric extension

Creeping featuritus is one. Everyone loves a good metaphor from time to time. Adult play and child play are simply concurrent versions of each other. 131 more words


Creating The Culture That Will Change The World

I’ve had a bit of an absence from the blogosphere lately.  Not for lack of inspiration and desire to pontificate on the quirks of consumer culture – but because I have been busy trying to figure out a way to save the world.   834 more words

Consumer Culture

Socially-Conscious Holiday Shopping

Hello loyal blog readers! In order to make it easier for all of you to keep up with The Goodness Geek, I’ve decided I would like to get on a dedicated blogging schedule. 448 more words



The Holidays are upon us and there is nothing better than giving back this time of year. We all have Christmas lists to check off and what better way of gifting than with ethically crafted products? 105 more words



Your business just received a B Corp certification and everyone is extremely excited about it. The first month goes by, all press releases have been sent, website and social media pages have been updated with the B Corp logo, and suddenly there is a mutual feeling of “now what?” After undertaking the extensive process of certification, there ought to be a whole different world out there, no? 744 more words