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It has begun... Novel Two of Trilogy

“Ash awoke from the same lucid dream he had been having since he returned from Vaalbara. He looked about his bedroom in the dark. A full moon glistened through the window lighting up the wall in an ethereal glow. 104 more words

B. L. Crisp

To Be Alone With Yourself

There is a silky fog that hangs in the air and above the damp clouds there is a bright unchanging blue sky. I sit – as my children train – gazing out into open fields conversing with myself and enjoying my own company. 226 more words

B. L. Crisp

Elemental Child

Dearest Elemental Child…
Why do you hide yourself?
~ why veil your identity from this false reality?
Be the light you are meant to be, 53 more words

B. L. Crisp