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One last time?

My heart clenches at the thought of seeing you again.
My body trembles at the thought of touching your skin.
But it is frightening thought of you being in my bed again. 117 more words



Why is it you that
makes my heart ache so much?
I was fine. Breathing normally.
Then your words were like knives to my heart and… 83 more words


B.S. Backstage: Eric Paslay Talks About Where He Was On 9/11, Writing Music, Being In A Movie and More!

It was an awesome night at Coyote Joes Thursday night as a few hundred folks got together to honor the first responders that put our safety and well being in front of all on a daily basis.  138 more words


Isn't that what love is?

Isn’t love supposed to be
wanting every passing second, every moment to be spent with them.
They’re all you think about.
Thoughts of them replay like a movie scene when you deeply miss them. 89 more words


Can we...?

Can we be strong?
Face this fear of you being taken away from your grandparents. Moving away causes hardships because of distance. Lovers can’t handle the constant fear of losing the person they love. 169 more words


Bank Rave

I had a credit card until today.
It turns out that I hadn’t been using it lately and it had been deemed as going “DORMANT”. 449 more words