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Beauty Nutrition- Foods for Healthy Beautiful Hair

Today’s blog focuses on hair health, a blog series that will be part of my “Beauty Nutrition” segment that I will be further exploring into. Everywhere I go, I tend to always get compliments about my hair whether I am at work, shopping at the mall, or even grocery shopping. 1,207 more words

Pinnaclife Brain Health Supplement

Pinnaclife Brain Health was designed specifically to provide the protective nutrients that your brain cells need to resist they types of damage that cause neurodegenerative diseases. 378 more words


Top Supplements for Preventing Memory Loss and Boosting Cognitive Function

Preventing memory loss and cognitive decline—particularly Alzheimer’s disease—is a common concern as we get older. The good news is research has shown that there are several safe, effective ways to prevent memory loss and improve cognitive function. 509 more words


Better Your Nutrition Habits With These Tips

These days, people understand the connection between good nutrition and health. However, you may not know where to begin. This article will guide you towards a healthier life. 15 more words

Spicy green beans

I confess I am not the biggest green bean lover. However, since I do try to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for optimal nutrient intake I did buy some the other day. 135 more words

Pasta alla funghi

I first heard of nutritional yeast flakes from some American friends, and I seriously thought they had gone mad. They put it in their cooking and they ate it on toast! 186 more words

B Vitamins and Autism Spectrum Disorders

By: Dr. David Berger, MD, FAAP
Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care

One of the more frequent questions that I am asked about by parents of children with autism spectrum disorders is about the use of B vitamins. 463 more words