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Tasty Tomato Tidbits

Question: Why did the tomato blush?
Answer: Because he saw the Salad Dressing… hahahaha!

Organic Tomato Health Facts:


Medical research revealed that Lycopene is the… 616 more words

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DNAFit Review

Recently I was offered a trail membership to the DNAFit service. The service provides specific health recommendations (exercise and diet) based on access to your… 950 more words


The B Vitamins (Vitamins Part I)

There are so many vitamins both water soluble and insoluble that to do them in one big post would be exhaustive. So I’m going to break vitamins up into various parts. 564 more words


Get it Off Your Chest

Have you ever wondered where certain phrases come from? I do…often. I sometimes like to geek out on searching the internet for the origins of phrases such as “…apple of my eye,” or “…on cloud 9.” This week, I am fairly certain I figured out what it means to get something off your chest. 887 more words

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6 svarīgākie vitamīni skaistumkopšanā

A vitamīns

Vitamīns A ir viens no taukos šķīstošajiem vitamīniem. Pieaugušam cilvēkam diennaktī vajadzētu uzņemt 3 mg vitamīna A. Augsts vitamīna A saturs ir sastopams aknās, burkānos un pienenēs. 510 more words

Profesionālā Kosmētika

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Casserole: Yummy, Healthy, Gluten Free

Here is today’s Yummy Yummy!

Oh how my family loves this one!

After some diagnostic testing I learn that not only I am low in my B Vitamins… but so are my children.   549 more words

#B Vitamins

Nine reasons why I tell my patients to throw away their over-the-counter pharmacy store multivitamin

  1. B-Vitamins: B-vitamins are supposed to give you energy, right? And they do – the real ones. All vitamins are actually vitamin complexes, meaning, a vitamin is paired with specific enzymes, to form a complex that fuels all kinds of essential metabolic responses in the body.
  2. 839 more words