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the afterglow.

i’ve been absent for a few days and i think it’s because i needed to clear my head. there has been a lot of words and ideas and things bouncing off the walls of my brain, half formed thoughts and posts that were never penned. 1,084 more words


TBR Challenge: Tempting a Sinner (Sinners Club #2) by Kate Pearce

Cold Calculation

Within the circles of British intelligence, Benedict, Lord Keyes, is known for his cold brilliance and strict military demeanor. Yet this icy exterior masks a man of smoldering passion and scorching sexuality who will do anything to keep his past a secret.

1,421 more words
Historical Romance

Bersama Keluargaku

Intro: Em Am F Fm C G C - G

C           F          Em Am
Kami datang di hadirat-Mu
        Dm                  F      G
Dalam satu kasih, dengan bersehati
C           F           Em Am
Berjanji setia sampai akhir
       Dm    D   Bb  G
Mengasihi-Mu,  Yesus

   C         Am      F            F Em
Bersama k'luargaku melayani Tuhan
   Dm       D       G
Bersatu s'lamanya mengasihi Engkau
           Em        Am     F           Fm
Tiada yang dapat melebihi kasih-Mu ya Tuhan
  C          G         C
Bagi kami Engkau segalanya

  Bb            F       Dm         C
Gelombang badai hidup coba menghalangi
  Bb        F       Dm        G   A
Namun kuasa Tuhan buka jalan kami

   D         Bm      G            G F#m
Bersama k'luargaku melayani Tuhan
   Em       E       A
Bersatu s'lamanya mengasihi Engkau
           F#m       Bm     G           Gm
Tiada yang dapat melebihi kasih-Mu ya Tuhan
  D          A         D
Bagi kami Engkau segalanya

a mullet & a fib

My pumpkin head is growing quite the mullet. It’s the only way his hair wants to grow. I think he would look so adorable with a short haircut but I mean…what would he twirl? 547 more words

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