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Shalom Aleichem

Peace be upon you

Peace be with you

This is the bread

This is the wine

We share

So we are whole

This is the world… 54 more words


Those Evil Villains

It’s easy for me to get worked up about stupid people. Or those who don’t follow the rules. Or those who slap their children. You know who I’m talking about. 437 more words


T-Shirt Love

The Bloggers for Peace T-shirts are in!

I will start sending them out to all the bloggers who completed all 12 Peace Challenges in 2013 as soon as the lines at the post office calm down from Tax Day. 52 more words


Jesus (1979) full movie

Based on the gospel of Luke,
This is the life of Jesus

Jesus is a 1979 motion picture of the life of Jesus… 56 more words


There's Always An Outside

I listened to a talk by Peter Rollins about demons and those things we demonize. He quotes Bertrand Russell,

Imagine you are going to make a catalog, and the catalog lists every catalog  that doesn’t list itself.

410 more words

mindfulness isn't about multitasking; it is about well-being

Multitasking is what culture demands of us… most of us stress out just simply because we aren’t naturally ready for intense multitasking… let’s look at how mindfulness allows us to manage thinking and stress; to maintain health and well-being. 461 more words


happy ending... for an old man

There are all sorts of ways to be peaceful.

Here is a story of one unusual old man.

An old gentleman retired and purchased a modest home near a middle school. 372 more words