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The Bible and Tattoos

Tattooing has been around for centuries and this practice has enjoyed a popularity uprising, especially among young people, in recent years. The reasons are many. Some get tattoos to show independence and rejection of parental values. 3,007 more words



Because they are ISRAEL and are the TRUE Jews, descendants of Jacob, who was renamed Israel after his wrestle with the Most High.

The KJV Bible Explains: 332 more words

Government And Corporation Lies

The Adena Tablets of Ancient Ohio - The Cincinnati Tablet

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The Cincinnati Tablet is a beautiful work of art that has come to us through the centuries because of the wisdom of our ancient elders. 1,437 more words

Ancient History

Good fire from Heaven

What do you know about Elijah?  There are some pretty amazing stories about this guy and his exploits.  In the last post I talked about how Elijah called down “bad fire” from heaven to kill captains of the King’s army.  1,507 more words


My Daily Personal Practice

This week’s prompt on the Pagan Experience peaked my interest. Although I’m not planning on committing to any writing projects this year, this week’s topic is something I wanted to write about anyways, so why not now? 1,340 more words


Did Ancient Semites Father the Germanic Languages?

German, English, Swedish, and the other Germanic languages belong to the Indo-European family, but they’re odd members. They and Proto-Germanic, their common grandparent, have a lot of vocabulary and grammar utterly unlike other Indo-European languages. 366 more words

6. Classical Civilization