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Yeah, I mean these loan payments kinda suck.  But I look at it this way: at least someone gave them to me so I could get an education.  

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Adopting a Baby Shark ~OR~ How We Ended Up Here

Once upon a time, there was this couple: a couple of DINKs, to be exact. Girl DINK was depressed after a rocky year (*see future post, “2013… 221 more words

Destroyer Of All Things Kind And Good

I mean, I’m not just using ‘nightshade’ for the sake of it. And my slogans do mean something. But of course, my real name isn’t Magnus.

How I fell for you

Tulisan dibawah adalah murni hasil karya pak suami. He’s a better writer than  me, actually. Cuma (sok) sibuk aja jadi ga (mau) nulis. Tulisan ini tentang gimana dia terkesan (ahemm!! 385 more words


A Literary Meme

1. What author do you own the most books by?
Charles Dickens, if I discount books that belong to the same series.

2. What book do you own the most copies of? 679 more words


Psalm 139, 5

It’s decided: Oskar is going to be baptized on December 27th in Remseck.

To be honest, I am not very much in favor of baptizing an infant. 265 more words


Experimenting whilst exploring

Hello friends !

It is photography Monday, and I will admit part of me wishes it was ‘Random Ramble‘ Sunday as there is a great deal on my mind. 90 more words