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Dear Mom 10/20/2014

Dear Mom,

It was a chilly and frosty morning and it didn’t    get any warmer than 60 today.  The rest of the week promises rain. 262 more words


Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Just wanted to let you know that my catch-up dinner with Dave went better than I expected.  We talked about our families, our jobs (he will be celebrating ten years this week with Jetblue) our summer activities, and he also sent me home with a piece of chocolate cake.   158 more words


The Great Whore Church

Published on Jul 2, 2011

The sort out is under way, by the grace of God.

An old video; yet it is deeply  Pertinent to today…

Disciples Of Jesus Christ.

I am 30% miserable.

I had lunch today at 4pm. In my neighborhood shopping mall, a Japanese-themed food street sprung up not too long ago. I chose a bowl of udon, and some tempura for accompaniment. 439 more words


LED Day - 140

What is Project LED? Find out here

I’m something of a photographer too! Check out my work here.

Day of October 18th 2014

Project LED

New Acquisitions

Fervently and earnestly amassing books for the upcoming holiday seasons. Now the question is: where do I begin?




verb. talk excitedly or foolishly,

noun. muddled or foolish speech