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Wandering Words.

Oh kids, aren’t they a noisy bunch? Mid-afternoon, the bus that gets to the train station would be packed with students on their way home. The top deck, without the close supervision of the bus captain, would overflow with their excitement. 289 more words


Self-publishing and agents


This could be pretty useful. It’s the most specific article on the subject I’ve come across yet.

From what I’ve heard from some of the more successful self-published authors, traditional publishing houses aren’t quite as useful as they used to be, and you’ll be doing most of the marketing/work yourself anyway. 171 more words


The Void

I won’t get too much into it. Mainly because I’m running away too, and talking about it means confronting it. But lately I haven’t been feeling well… mentally and emotionally, even seeping towards physically. 59 more words

Brain Farts

Why it matters

Selayaknya pasangan lain, hubungan kami si pasangan alay ini pun ga selalu mulus bak paha bayi. Segala hal bisa jadi topik perdebatan, termasuk hal-hal yang remeh temeh semacam foto profil di pesbuk ato WA. 299 more words


A Weekend in Wales

For knowing nearly nothing about it until we got there, Cardiff was a great time. A couple of the cool things about it are that it’s relatively cheap and almost everything is within walking distance. 685 more words


Never never never!

Saya pernah menulis soal awkward pause ini kan? Sejujurnya, saya cape dan stress kalo ditanya “udah isi ato belom?” Ama teman atau kerabat jauh.

Bukan karena gemes atas ke-kepo-an mereka. 184 more words