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Advances in Technology

I’ve done well to keep up.  I was born at just the right time to grow with the advances we’ve made.  By the time I was in grade school, A-Frame computers had already gone down in size from requiring a warehouse to only requiring a room.  739 more words

Daily Life

My thoughts on Religion

Well I’ll be babbling.
So I do not believe in Christianity, Jesus, the holy trinity, adam and eve, etc.
My family has been Buddhist for all my life. 295 more words


I’m tired today, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I feel so drained, people expect too much from me and I can’t live up to their ridiculous high standards. 165 more words


Scandal S.3 Ep- 17: Flesh And Blood

So all of Olivia’s bravado’s last week came back to bite her behind this week and it brought all the boys to her yard pointing fingers at her screw up, literally, that has put them to this situation. 1,041 more words


Early mornings

I went for a walk the other morning at like 6 AM and everything was so pretty I couldn’t help myself from taking a couple of photos to capture how incredible everything was. 60 more words



I don’t know why I find it so hard to write out my thoughts on paper or in text I am just constantly plagued by the fear that people are going to laugh at me and mock my work, like, it terrifies me. 271 more words