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I'm finally getting used to 2015!

It’s not too late to say Happy new year is it? Oh well, I’m saying it anyway; Happy new year! This is the first time I’ve ‘seen’ all of you this year, so there you are…it’s still January so I believe it’s acceptable. 374 more words


always listen to your fortune cookie...

I had a long day of travel on Friday, and at the end of it I was back home in Portland. But being gone for a week means there’s still too much to do once you get back to home base. 429 more words

I am not Going to Talk about Video Games

People might say I talk on and on about video games until I fall down and fall asleep.

They might be right and this time I’m gonna change. 244 more words

Video Games

Feminism, own it.

I showed the class a funny Youtube video about feminism.
“Is there anything wrong about the video?”
No one answered.
“So you all agree to what he said?” 530 more words


The first post

Like most blogs, this one was created under the influence of alcohol, but only mildly. I’m not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, but it occurred to me that I wanted some way of recording the moments of life that get forgotten. 284 more words


What God Taught Me Last 2014

I sit here typing early in the morning trying to find the right words to say to share these things deep with my heart. 2014 has been a rough year for me and I learned many things the hard way. 1,179 more words


Saturday (not in the Park)

So far today, my productivity consists of:

1) wake up, moan, bathroom, groan, etc.
2) goodbye dear, have a good day at work.
3) crawl back into bed, nap just a little bit longer. 337 more words

Daily Prompts