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Chvrches Concert Whoop!

Hello hello, reader!

A few days ago, I received a text from a friend, asking me if I was going to the Chvrches concert. I wasn’t planning on it, but I somehow got roped in and went along. 753 more words


Appreciate the small things

Hello friends,

If it is one thing I am not, that is a quitter.

I was ready to give up on this blog, because I was… 240 more words


Creative explosion

My latest attempt to kindle some creative outburst from the organization was not off to a good start. I had somehow thought that the “Beloved Creature” theme should enable anyone to draw something, big or small. 165 more words


Quick GradPLUS update

Hey friends!  Quick check in.  After my loan payments posted this week, my GradPLUS loans are down to $98,600.  That’s still an astronomical amount of money for just ONE loan, but I’m making… 6 more words

Budgets & Payments

The Basic Things You Need To Know About Feminism| My Opinion

Hello hello, reader!

I want to talk about a sensitive topic, feminism.

Feminism is a very sensitive thing to talk about. Anything that anyone says about feminism could be taken the wrong way, or in a way that puts the voice of opinion into a very, very bad position. 580 more words


International Men's Day

This is a bit off-topic considering the nature of my blog, but I often feel as though many issues are neglected or ignored. Some don’t even reach mainstream awareness. 342 more words


Liebster Award

Thank you JMWOT for nominating me for the the ‘Liebster Award’ a few weeks ago (I thought I’d better get this post done, get it off of my ‘to do’ list’).  1,099 more words