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Newborn and infant skin solutions

Many times during my pregnancy I said to my husband: “I hope she inherits your skin.” His skin is almost consistently flawless (and even was during his teen years!) and has none of the ups and downs that mine does. 713 more words


The First Four (and a half) Months - Part I

So it’s not news to anyone who regularly reads these blogs or who follows me on Facebook that I have had a bit of a struggle with depression and anxiety during the first half of my pregnancy. 1,018 more words


South African Babes of the Week: 17th Nov – 23rd Nov

SA Sports Blog has teamed up with South African Babes to bring all the local beauties our wonderful country has, to our readers. The posts are weekly so be sure to diarize it now! 178 more words



Her name is なあ坊豆腐@那奈. Google her.


Sorry, That is NOT the code to my pants

Just when I think I am out of material, something amazing happens. It’s like some kind of divine intervention….

I went to get my car washed at that super annoying car wash on West Main Street (which is super annoying because you have to get out of your car and go inside to get a “code” to enter the car wash… The point of the car wash is I don’t want to get out of the fucking car); plus there are always suspicious looking characters doing questionable activities hanging around. 82 more words

Word Vomit