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So, I have decided to start a blog. I’m not even really sure why! I seem to always be brimming with ideas and rather than bore the mammaries off everyone around me I figure I may aswell collate all these ideas in one place and keep my everyday relationships in tact! 452 more words


Pro Moves

After a few months of looking after one of these baby things, you notice you’ve developed some advanced moves. I can restart the music on a baby monitor without looking at it or breaking conversation. 101 more words

Ten-Month Update

Most of L’s play time revolves around her pulling herself up on tables, units, chairs, sometimes just walls and doors. She’s shown little interest in walking, she just wants to clamber up and over things. 110 more words


There are 24 hours in the day. What am I going to do in those 24 hours that will effectually get me closer to my goal for the day? 210 more words


Say Hello to the Cat-Nappers

Say hello to my cat, Coco and Bubba.

Now, wipe that judgmental smirk off your face. Bubba sleeps in my arms during the day. I’ve mastered the art of carrying him to sleep while getting on with life i.e. 269 more words