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Be a Little Afraid

Donald, a young and fair-haired coworker, reads my blog. Hi Donald. After my recent post about getting caught at the airport covered in Joanie’s diarrhea, he told me that I have scared him away from ever having babies. 546 more words


03:00 hours.

The next person who tells me I’m strong is going to get a brick through the head.

My baby is in hospital. I’m not feeling particularly strong. 571 more words


Squirt Is Not A Snob - But She Does Have A Sense of Aesthetic To Develop

I posted previously that I don’t have much confidence in the Baby Einstein trend (research has disproven that it makes a baby smarter) or playing Mozart to your baby in utero. 348 more words

OMG You Mean I Have To Take Responsibility For This Child?

I'm a Christian, and I <3 Halloween

Here’s my philosophy on Halloween. I have to give a philosophy on a holiday I thoughtlessly celebrated while growing up because I’m a Christian living in America and therefore there must be a conscious reason for everything I do. 696 more words

OMG You Mean I Have To Take Responsibility For This Child?

Reading and sharing experiences

Diane will read from her novel and share her living and working experiences in China .

Birth Control


I read an interesting status and comments on Facebook. A female who I went to high school with posted this on her Facebook status: “So I officially signed my papers to get my tubes tide… “ 198 more words

My Journey