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So how does this IVF stuff work?

Strange to think that just over a year ago I didn’t know any of this stuff…and now it’s like second nature! Well, sort of. I don’t know it all inside out whereas some people I meet seem close to getting a PhD in fertility treatment!  1,764 more words



I think children photography is one of my favorites!


once upon a time, there were quite a few mistakes...

It would be to jump the gun to assume that this blog will only be about pregnancy, or horses or babies despite my name and description. 477 more words


Baby Christopher

I photographed this little boy when he was around 40 days old, such a cutie! It was a dream for his daddy to become a father, I’m glad they get to enjoy this piece of heaven here on earth! 23 more words

Babies are Friggin' Amazing

You may have kids of your own. You may not. Maybe you can’t wait to have them, or maybe the thought alone makes you cringe. There’s one thing you can’t argue though, and that’s that babies are fucking amazing.   491 more words


Eight, peeking. She has an obsessive love-hate relationship with peekaboo. It’s sad and cute at the same time. She’s driven to put things over her head and face but then gets scared and can’t figure out how to remove them.

Babies. Whatcha gonna do.