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22. Expect - 31 days TZ


When I was preparing for this move to Tanzania I was so eager with expectation. I thought I knew what I was getting in to. 181 more words


What did I do differently?

I’ve wanted to write this post for a few weeks now…what did I do differently in this successful round that I didn’t do in other rounds? 1,007 more words


31 Days: Baby Wearing

When Big D was born I didn’t need to worry about baby carriers. I knew he was going to be held and loved all day long. 418 more words

31 Days

Chiropractic 101- Who needs it? Why do I need it?

Chiropractic care is for everyone. From babies to grandma’s and grandpa’s, chiropractic benefits everyone with a live nervous system.

The nervous system controls and coordinates every function in our body. 320 more words

Chiropractic 101

Why every newborn you see on Facebook is wrapped in the same baby blanket

The morning after my second daughter was born I took her picture—she was beautiful, serene—and posted it on Facebook. There was much my Facebook friends could surmise from the photo, and much that marketers could mine: her date of birth and her eye color and her name, for instance. 920 more words

101 in 1001 Update - 183 Days Left

Hey All! How is it going? Not to bad here. I have just been really busy, this is why I haven’t be able to post. But I figure I would get an update in, before I have more to do. 1,372 more words

Sage Old Owls: Florida's Favorite Burrowing Owl Residents

From Disney cartoons to horror movies, owls have haunted media for centuries; especially as backdrop for Halloween venues. Using their bright, large eyes and signature “Hoot-Hoot” calls as advertising, companies have successfully spread the word on the friendly and welcoming persona of these amiable animals. 556 more words