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I have spent a TON of time writing blog posts this week. Wait, what? Where are they all, you ask? Sitting, half-finished, in my drafts folder. 350 more words


On Maintaining Perspective

Sometimes, being a law school parent is a good way to loose perspective.

I often marvel at my law school parent cohorts who have multiple children, many of them old enough to be living their own lives full of events, activities, desires, and impulses. 461 more words

Family Life

So-called "sleep training" is effective, but is it training something very different than "self-soothing"?

In part one of a two part series on “crying it out” or “CIO”, called “Screaming to sleep: The moral imperative to end ‘cry it out'” (link to the full article is below), Amy Wright Glenn, a contributor for the PhillyVoice, makes a compelling case against so-called “sleep training”, the technique where parents let their babies cry themselves to sleep. 247 more words


Jokes II

How many people like jokes? I know I do. One of the benefits of writing my Freedom Friday posts is that it gives me the opportunity to write about whatever’s on my mind. 471 more words

Freedom Friday

A Piece of Me

The other day I came across a post by one of my new favourite bloggers, entitled: I Was His First Date. It was such a beautiful piece of writing that it prompted me to shy away from my usual type of post and instead write what has been pulling at my heart for some time now… 488 more words

More from the "Century of the child"

I wrote about the issue “children” seen in a new aspect in my last post “Why Finnish Babies sleep in a cardboard box” and got the idea to tell you a story about a Danish architect and his invention on baby safety creating a beautiful crib bed. 418 more words


Phillips Phunny: Babies Going Through Tunnels

Enjoy babies freaking out while driving through tunnels.

“America’s Funniest Home Videos” posted this montage on YouTube of babies in cars, reacting when they drive through TUNNELS, and the look on their face is like it’s blowing their MIND.