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Cry of African Lions

Two of us lonely in a prison,
Wandering in a space so limited,
Missing the fun of the wild African forests,
Losing our friends so dear and near. 110 more words


the Red Flags of People Pleasing Relationships

1) Fear of negative emotions, and a denial of those negative emotions. This is rooted in childhoood trauma and abuse. Sometimes the abuse we received is passive, and sometimes it is more direct. 1,628 more words


O you’re-ok-the-way-you-are baboon!
It’s pretty uncool how people use “baboon” as a pejorative
so much.
Your shiny butts aren’t all that strange,
all considering.
You’re pretty much a normal little monkey guy… 28 more words



The other day we received an email from a client who is about to travel to South Africa, with the question “how does one handle baboons?” Hahaha, yes how does one handle baboons…? 192 more words

South Africa

In Memory of Merlin

Merlin, the old warrior, battle scarred, arthritic and possibly the oldest baboon on the Peninsula.  He was earmarked for culling two years ago but was given a stay of execution until some weeks ago.  326 more words

Nature Photography

Boisterous Baby Baboons

Driving around the Kruger National Park, especially along one of the major rivercourses, you’re bound to come across a troop or two of baboons. Watching their behaviour and especially their human-like interactions is extremely entertaining. 79 more words


Dear Professor Cox, No thanks - but thanks

The universe.

All existing things. The whole creation. The cosmos.

That’s what ‘universe’ meant to me, as a schoolgirl.

And where did nine-year-old me live? I scrawled it on the packet which holds the pinking shears I still have in the sewing box: 821 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both