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Copenhagen Zoo

Monday my class and I visited the Zoo in Copenhagen

Baboon Butts and oceanic stoichiometry

Monkey themed help session! Life doesn’t get any better than this. Everyone is so smart in this class, so this simple-little problem probably won’t come up in the study, in fact there is a good chance nobody will show up at all. 15 more words


Constant argument!

Baboons have a lot of arguments. Especially the young ones are constantly busy with playful fighting.

I enjoy watching them as long as they stay out of my room :-)

South Africa

Desert Diving

We went on our first desert outing of “the season” yesterday. I calculate “the season” as “not summer.” Kinda like the symphony season. The theater and ballet and debutante and ballroom season. 846 more words

Foreign Girl

Monkey-ing Around: Go Ape! (Tree Top Adventure)

Are you the adventurous-outdoorsy type who’d like a challenge? XD Well, if you are (and aren’t scared of heights) then you should definitely go to Go Ape! 407 more words


Water for our wildlife

A very environmentally wise farmer placed these water troughs in the mountain on his property  in Springbok and piped water to them. Why did he do this? 89 more words


On Cooperation; Part 3: Monkeys and Hunting

For some reason, some people like to hunt pigs by throwing baboons at them. I can only go with the comment posted below the video: “Not sure if hilarious or horrible.” 12 more words

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