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An Amazing True Cheetah Story

This is a true story.

There is, in the African savannah, a cheetah mother with three little cubs about three to four months. They are all in there den when at least ten baboons start coming out from the trees. 200 more words

My Ethiopian Adventure--on the Road from Lalibela to Gonder

Since there is only one road in and out of Lalibela, we headed back to the main road after an 8:00 breakfast.  By this time, after three times on this road, the heights hardly bothered me. 551 more words


Monkey Speed


He pushes open the door; he knows this restaurant. With sticky fingers, he grabs the sugar packets, crunching them between hungry jaws. Granules scatter across the floor. 89 more words

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Safari in Uganda

After we returned from our visit to the U.S. Elizabeth’s friend Vicki visited us.  This was her first time out of the U.S. and we took her to the wild and crazy land of Uganda.   225 more words

South Africa - Cape Town ... Cape Point & Baboons ...

Hey everyone … so after we finished our SCONES & COFFEE in Noordhoek we carried on south toward the Table Mountain National Park and Cape Point itself … as we drove along the weather got progressively worse … to the point where at the entrance to the park the lady selling us our tickets told us the visibility was terrible and that we wouldn’t see anything … Perry and I looked at each other and thought well we are here and we wont have another opportunity to come back this trip so we may as we go anyway … 439 more words

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The Mighty Mimi

Meet Mimi, a new Hamadryas Baboon residing at the Oakland Zoo!

Photos by Dannielle Stith, as seen on ZooBorns.

Kenya: Please don't give baboons booze

But they’re such great drinking buddies! :)

Travellers along one of Kenya’s busiest highways have been warned not to give alcohol to baboons, it is reported.

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