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Can't Believe I Ever Doubted Myself!

Remember that baby blanket that I was languishing over a couple days ago? I was sure that I wouldn’t have it finished by Easter Sunday, but was quite determined to get it off the needles. 66 more words


A much needed blanket

The past few months, I have felt like an over emotional deep fat fryer on the verge of being over filled. My older sister passed away in January and this has made every other part of my life quite a chore. 200 more words

Knitting Obligations

So here I am knitting away happily on my hexipuffs when out of the corner of my eye I spot yet another previous WIP that has been neglected. 284 more words


citrus blossom icing

It sounds delicious doesn’t? But it’s not food for the body… it’s nourishing… but in a different way… Meet Citrus Blossom…

Citrus Blossom Blanket.
100% Pure Cotton, Crochet. 475 more words


A Shining Triumph!

Okay, before I start writing the actual blog post, I have to share my moment of shock and awe with you guys. I know I keep saying that two people read this blog, and one of them gave birth to me, and the other has to keep me happy if he wants to keep sharing my bed. 1,333 more words


Awwww Taggie Blankies

Got a couple of babies due this year (not mine thank god) and got ahead of the game with a couple of pressies.

Taggie Blankies are great sensory blankies for babies.


Work in Progress Wednesday - Canyon Lake Rag Quilt

Last I left you all, I had just finished up my “Canyon Lake” rag quilt kit for my mom. I loved that fabric so much that I’m sewing one up for my Etsy shop, too! 105 more words