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#17 The UP Side of Retirement (and why you should follow these UPs now)

#17  Man make decisions for God that God doesn’t make for man.

I keep learning things (whatever ‘things’ they are) as I grow older.  One of the things I am still learning is that… 365 more words

Elder Patient Needs Begin with the Brain

For some time, I have been struggling with hospital wayfinding: how to make it better for our clients, and thus for hospital visitors.

What I have found is wayfinding, like other big design problems in healthcare, traces its roots to understanding cognitive functions and how people process information, universally.   530 more words


Welcome to the Digital Divide

For years, the digital world seemed to be just up ahead; a futuristic place that existed beyond our dreams and over a mountain, like a rainbow. 333 more words


New law helps protect Baby Boomers from Hepatitis C

New law helps protect Baby Boomers from Hepatitis C
August 15, 2014  waynepost.com

• Hepatitis C may be asymptomatic for years. • Hep C may lead to chronic liver disease and liver cancer. 497 more words

Baby Boomers

Is Tampa representative of the American city crossroads?

I have a lot of family in Florida, but admittedly I don’t know a ton about Tampa. I’ve always found that people in Florida tend to disparage areas that aren’t their own — Miami will trash Orlando, and vice versa, for example — and I’ve only been to Tampa a handful of times (no family there), so perhaps my context is devoid. 645 more words

Fundamental Explainers

The World's Dirty Little Secret - an Aging Population

Chartporn: 18 Charts Exploring How The Ageing World Will Shape The Global Economy


Of particular interest (for me anyway) was the charts regarding voting and the 45+ taxroll as a percentage of total taxes.  81 more words

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