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Eyes on a Generation: The Baby Boomer Travel Boom

Boomers are a generation that has redefined every life-stage they have entered. Just try bringing up the word “retirement” to a Boomer and you get an insulted look followed by “ME? 166 more words

Baby Boomers

Why do I feel so bad about self-promoting?

I don’t know about anyone else, but while my brain understands the need for an independent author to rely on social-media when it comes to promoting their book, my conscience always suffers a little whenever I post another request to please check out my new book of interviews with Anne Rice, entitled “Anne Rice On”, currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com and scheduled for release September 6th, 2014.   300 more words

Anne Rice

It is written, therefore it is . . . retained

Albert Einstein was once asked a simple question for which he did not have the answer. The world-renowned genius’ response was, “I don’t clutter my head with things that can be found in a book.”.  466 more words

A Metal Blast From the Past

In the 1967 film, The Graduate, Mr. McGuire had one word for Dustin Hoffman’s character Benjamin:  “Plastics.”  It’s true. Plastics was the future.   Growing up, however, our lives were all about metals and alloys. 285 more words


#19 The UP Side of Retirement (and why you should try these UPs now!)

#19  Holiday Retirement Theme

Senior living seems to find me in a constant battle with remembering the days of the week.   Now, I have to contend with holidays.   147 more words

A modest proposal for those who want DH in both leagues

I confess at the outset I grew up, or rather grew older, during the years preceding the DH which was invented by Satan. Naturally being old school I prefer National League play, though I am cursed to live in an American League city. 333 more words


It's After Mid-life, Do You Know Where You Are?


This is my birthday week, and so the annual rite of witnessing the passing of a sweet year of life and the welcoming of another is with me. 657 more words