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Springtime in San Francisco

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.  It will never fail you.”  - Frank Lloyd Wright

It is Springtime in San Francisco, and yesterday I went out early into the garden — and forgot to come back in.   216 more words

Baby Carrier

Just You and Me

When Josie was two years old, she slept in a white iron crib.

When I heard her stir, I’d come into the room and sing, “Good morning, my beautiful child!” I’d make up my own lyrics and melody, and she stood there, hands on the rails, lips pouting, curly hair flip flopped about her head. 362 more words

Warning! Row Gauge!

Say the word gauge to knitters and after a laugh and an eye roll, they will talk about stitches. Listen politely. Ask what about row gauge and after a strange look they will say, that doesn’t matter. 363 more words


Rest When Your Baby Rests

Rest when your baby rests.  So many people say this to you when you have your new baby, but it is so hard to get a grasp on this one. 240 more words


BabyBjörn For Your Baby

Mommies and Daddies, have you ever thought that a few extra pair of hands would be of a great help? Well, this adjustable baby carrier sure won’t give you that, but it will definitely help you to free the ones you already have! 259 more words


Lifesavers for the new parent

It’s amazing how quickly we forget things – especially from that crazy period when your child was a newborn! My son is going on 19 months and just recently, hubby and I racked our brains for (practical) gifts to give or recommend to friends who have recently become parents. 821 more words

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