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Dinner in the Movie: Mrs. Doubtfire

Dinner in the Movie was an idea I had after watching Mrs. Doubtfire*. I have an insane movie collection – at my last count it was 400 and growing (just ordered 3 more this week), and noticed that so many of my favorite movies are either centered around food or have some of my favorite scenes involving food, so I thought why not come up with my own take on those famous meals and scenes and recreate them?   771 more words


Possible Health Benefits of Carrots

An overwhelming body of evidence exists suggesting that increased intake of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease risks, carrots included. 312 more words

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Are baby carrots safe to eat?

Have you ever heard that baby carrots are soaked with a toxic chemical and are unsafe to eat. This rumor seems to pop up every couple of months in e-mail chain letters, but it’s… 46 more words

Connie Sellecca

Looks like a giant’s booger.

Coriander Roasted Carrots

I was recently visiting the Hudson Valley again and stopped for produce at Walkill Farms and picked up these lovely baby carrots. Rather than shave them into a salad, I wanted to bring out the sweetness much like a roasted sweet potato so….I decided to roast them. 39 more words


All the root vegetables!!!!

I ventured out into the garden yesterday to do a little bit of weeding, watering and picking.  I found so many root vegetables ready for harvesting!  511 more words