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We're parents!

365 Grateful, One Year – Day 192

Today we became the proud parents of this little one, fostering him through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust… 235 more words

365 Grateful

Elephant memories

When we visited Ayutthaya we took an elephant ride. The old city, now a world heritage site, was the capital of the Thai Kingdom from the 14th century until it was sacked by the Burmese army in the 18th century. 672 more words


Beautifully Innocent - Shouldn't We All Be?

A little girl and a baby elephant – friends yet they’re so different.

Shouldn’t we see things the way a young child would, so innocently and beautifully?


Leidomiq can take you to jungle safari within a flash

You must have gone to the city zoo and watched lions, Cheetahs moving almost at a hand shaking distance. Did they not look sad and melancholic? 314 more words

Alex And Leidomiq

Summer Favourites - July

I haven’t been feeling very inspired as of late, blogging-wise. That being said, I have had a really good week, so I suppose this is my way of telling you about it with a vague sort of structure. 968 more words

Save the Elephants

Since this is a Lifestyle blog after all I wanted to incorporate a few of the causes that I am passionate about on my YouTube… 175 more words

96 Elephants

Baby Elephant Rescued By Mama Elephant (Video)

Okay there are few things more adorable than baby elephants…..insert dramatic plot twist where the baby elephant gets swept away by flood waters and mom saves the day….and that adorable factor goes through the roof! 96 more words