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week twelve

I’ve recently developed a slight obsession with House of Cards. Netflix owns my soul.

I’ll use that as my latest excuse for delaying my posts. But admittedly, I have a hard time following through on long-term creative projects that I design and take on for myself. 328 more words

Top 10 Songs For A Romantic Evening

It’s date night and you’re looking for some songs to set the mood.  Romance is the key ingredient for the night.  The only thing that matters is you and your special someone.  79 more words


9 Reasons Why I Hate Looking So Young

9 Reasons Why I Hate Looking So Young:

1) Whenever I’m driving people keep staring at me like I’m some freak. They giggle. They point. They gasp even. 676 more words

Baby-faced: Fail or Win?

My baby sister is going to be a high school freshman next month (God, how time flies!) and yesterday morning happened to be her orientation. Except that my sister, as it happens, is currently out of town visiting relatives till the weekend, so how was that going to work? 299 more words

This is me

I have realized that most of you don’t know what I look like, and I’ve been debating whether or not to show my face – mainly because every one judges people by what they look like. 29 more words