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My pregnancy in pictures: Second Trimester, part 2 (weeks 20-27)

Week 20

Wedding bells

The friend who got engaged in week 10 of my pregnancy gets married. I am giddy with excitement. My belly is nicely covered under the dress which leads to tons of people offering me… 782 more words


BLW: Grapes and Baskets

What’s in for today?

A bowl of grapes?

I choose the menu myself. A basket’s handle, please.

It has a bit chewy texture today.

The most innocent eyes of a basket munch-er/kin.




The day one of us had watermelon

The aftermath…

Baby-led weaning in its glory.


Taste the puree: parsnip

Date: 10.07.2014

After months of baby-led weaning, I thought that maybe it might not be the best thing ever.

Baby does not actually EAT, she just bites pieces off and then spits. 75 more words