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Baby Led Weaning (BLW): Day 25 - first major reaction (gluten)

On Day 25 I decided that it was about time to introduce gluten.

Adding gluten-containing foods to your baby’s diet should not be too early nor too late in the weaning process, 230 more words


Baby Led Weaning (BLW): Day 22 - Banana

We have a history with bananas.

They gave Aya colicy tummy ever since she was born (through my breastmilk).

For a couple of days I tried weaning myself (back) with/to bananas. 68 more words


Baby Led Weaning: Day 18-Baked Potato Wedges

Our first tasting of potato on Day 3 of Baby Led Weaning did not go so well.

The boiled potato was hard to grip and  triggered Aya’s gagging reflex. 115 more words


And soon they were two

Only 9 days later, baby A had her

second tooth.

Congratulations for the successful round 1 of teething.

You did awesome, little one!

This time the photo shoot was far easier, as well.


Moments of June Pt.1

We realized that short films are better in many aspects than plain pictures.

I am eager to learn to film and edit properly. So, there you have my first attempt. 7 more words


Baby Led Weaning: Day 9 - a-ha moment

Now it makes sense to me,

the idea that the weaning should start after the first tooth appears.