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My pregnancy in pictures - Third trimester (Weeks 36-40)

Week 36

Mama bear

Do I look pregnant to you?

Week 37

Swelling and bloating

Eyes, face, lips – puffy and swollen

This isĀ  the last sweater that fits me. 283 more words


My pregnancy in pictures: Third Trimester (Weeks 28-35)

Week 28

Building up momentum

Week 29

Pregnant, indeed



And fruit and vegs

Daddy makes a cake

Week 30

Starting with the larger things on the baby shopping list… 239 more words


Little baby update

We are doing just fine. 7 teeth with 8th to cut in, lots of smiles and giggles.

Some nearly 3 months ago

(June 2014):

With daddy


And with auntie Cookie:

October 2014


My pregnancy in pictures: Second Trimester, part 2 (weeks 20-27)

Week 20

Wedding bells

The friend who got engaged in week 10 of my pregnancy gets married. I am giddy with excitement. My belly is nicely covered under the dress which leads to tons of people offering me… 782 more words