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BGF in the Mothereffing House

This video was sent to me by the lovely, talented, and brilliant Angela Scaletta. Woot!

Bleat on, bleaters. Bleat on.

Anyone for coffee?

Another coffee for our collection, though sadly we no longer have our lovely Latte. She succumbed probably to septicaemia only a couple of days after having her baby. 123 more words

New Zealand

Shiny things

I realized that my outfit today was a bit too similar to the one yesterday, so maybe not worth showing.  It is a t-shirt dress from All Saints. 98 more words

Baby Goats Are Friday's Jam

It appears that this blog has become my excuse to post photos of baby goats. I’m OK with that. Happy Friday!!!

Bébé Chèvre Vendred. (Is that even right? I did Google Translator).

What what?? BGF, yo!!

May your writing today be as bouncy as this baby goat.

Oh, Friday. I love you so. BGF, darlings. BGF.

This is wisdom, right here:

Play like this baby goat

Be chill like this huge pig

Laugh like you’re watching a goat on a pig

Happy Baby Goat Friday!!

Pregnant Goat Gives Birth on Riverside County Animal Control Truck

A pregnant dairy goat that was recovered near Perris gave birth while riding inside a Riverside County animal control truck, officials said.

The mama goat was being driven to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus when she delivered two babies during the course of the 25-minute ride on Wednesday afternoon, John Welsh with the Riverside County Department of Animal Services said in a news release. 229 more words

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