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Five things I want for my birthday but probably won't get

My birthday is swiftly approaching¬†and the husband is once again asking me for a birthday list. ¬†For once I actually provided one for him, but he doesn’t seem too keen on any of my ideas. 398 more words


Ruby in the Morning

In the twilight of morning, it’s hard to get awake. The deep blue hue of night hasn’t faded and a morning star blinks between the rim of a cloud. 297 more words

Slow Connections

We’ve written a couple of new posts from our travels through Mongolia so far. Since we’ll be out again for another 2 week tour, we scheduled a short, fun one for early next week. 80 more words


Happy 4th and Baby Goat Friday!

An oldie but goodie.

Stay safe! Sparkle. :)


It’s BABY GOAT FRIDAY y’all! You’re welcome. Now, go write.

This Baby Goat Faints On A Slide And Gravity Does Its Job

At around :09 – :10, you’ll hear a weird noise. I thought it was the baby goat passing gas, but I think it might be something else. 21 more words

#teambabygoat: On the Seismic Interactions of Goat and Fly

I just watched a video of a baby goat freaking out about a fly going up its nose. It’s a pretty funny video, and also quite adorable. 306 more words