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finding balance

I’ve kinda disappeared off the face of the planet again for the last several weeks and with good reason. I needed some ME TIME. What on earth is that, you ask? 483 more words


I cannot believe that you are almost two

It isn’t your birthday yet, but it is close.

You know how to spell your name, but when we ask you what it spells, you answer “me”. 91 more words

Baby J

Baby J: Month 7

Wow, this 7th month kind of snuck by me!  No doctor appointment at 7 months, so I have no new stats to share with you.  Baby J is still appropriately and adorably chunky.  761 more words


My pretty little hobby

When I was pregnant, I was working only from home, and most of the time there wasn’t really a lot to do , so I had tons of free time. 93 more words


J's first bites!

Nowadays there are so many theories about baby’s weaning, when you should start with it, what it should be like, how it should be given. ..As every other theory and belief these that are famous today in a couple of years will probably be proven wrong, but in couple of years your baby will be all grown, healthy and happy, will not really care whether her first bites were banana or apple juice, were they boiled and given to her on small pieces , mashed or whatever… 83 more words


Animal Clothing: A Tiny Series, Part V

Yep.  That’s pretty much how I look in the mornings.  O_O

Have a great Monday!


Animal Clothing: A Tiny Series, Part IV

I almost covered her room with elephant silhouettes before she was born, so yes.