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Finding Jesus In The First Four Weeks

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:52pm, MJ turns one month old. I don’t think I’m alone in saying the first month with your child is a whirlwind. I feel equally that it went by too fast and that I barely made it through crawling at a tortuously slow pace. 781 more words


Our First Few Weeks

                                                                            MJ and Daddy at the hospital

Sorry for the lapse in posts. MJ and I are slowly finding our routine, and I hope to be posting regularly again soon. 592 more words


10/11/14 - Introducing...

Some pictures featuring the newest members of our (not so) little brood.

They are 4 months old and while everything changes with two infants in ways I could not have predicted, our school routine goes surprisingly smoothly (ask me again when they both start to walk – if I’m still sane). 23 more words


J.2: Birthdays

Previously: the household is a quiet one, with Florence and Georgia leaving. Only Haiti and little Israel still live with Virginia. In the meanwhile, the extended family is busy with marriages and babies.  409 more words

Appaloosa Plain

MJ's Birth Story

On September 19th at 8pm, I started having contractions. I was 40 weeks and 2 days. They were a little stronger than the prodromal labor I had been having for the past three weeks, but I was hesitant to think much of them since I had been wrong so many times before. 1,652 more words


That Time I Live Tweeted The Movie Horns To Baby J (Spoiler Alert)

So my coworker Baby J and I are both total Harry Potter nerds as well other stuff nerds and we’ve been waiting for Joe Hill’s Horn’s to come out even though she hates snakes and the trailer shows a lot of them. 177 more words

Fucked Up & Amazing

On spam, sleep issues, and making fun of people online

After 6 spam comments in 4 days, I’ve changed my comment settings to not show up unless I approve.  This is just the spam that’s getting through – I shudder to think of the spam that wordpress is catching… 1,113 more words