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Video : Baby J - Nimempenda Mwenyewe

Mwanadada Baby J ameachia video ya wimbo wake uitwao ‘Nimempenda Mwenyewe‘.uliotayarishwa na producer, Lil Ghetto. Tazama cHini video Hiyo kama ilivyoongozwa na Adam Juma.


a month on

I think it goes without saying that it’s been a difficult month. I spent five days in the hospital, followed by five days of home health visits three times a day (more on all that later), while trying to also deal with a newborn. 222 more words


never far from mind

This is about to get sentimental.

I don’t think about Mr. Big often. But I do think about him. If we communicate now, it’s through text.

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Mr. Big

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You aint got the flow famous Ireland rappers representing kilkenny, Ireland


lost in the potty training saga

I used to hear these stories about potty training in a weekend – really? Good for you. Others have indicated oh how great it is that day-care/school is potty training their kids only to circle back around a week or two later to let me know that their kid is potty trained so long as you take them to the bathroom every 45 minutes, all-day-long, (and to them that wasn’t really potty training but just more work, with the constant risk of an accident). 438 more words

Baby J

one to two

One of our attorneys is about to go on maternity leave. Recently we have had more candid discussions regarding our kids. She is having the “Is this really a good idea having a second child right now?” breakdown. 249 more words

Baby J