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The One Stop Lip Product

Hey Wonderers!

I recently received Maybelline New York’s new Baby Lips collection and boy do I love it. Maybelline New York recently released a new line of their Baby Lips Lip Balms in a collection called “Baby Lips Crystal.” This line provides the lips with a gorgeous sheen, a slight color tint, and a hint of subtle sparkle. 113 more words


July 2014 Favourites

It’s the end of the month and it’s that time again where some Bloggers around the world share their favourite products of the past month. These are the products that made it onto my ‘Hall of Fame’ list for the month of July.


Help Me Decide: Did I Break the Rules of the Shopping Ban?

Last weekend I stopped into my favorite drugstore to pick up a fresh tube of Maybelline BB Cream, since I had just run out. When I got to the Maybelline display, I noticed that the store was offering a rewards deal: spend $10 on Maybelline products, get $5 back. 101 more words


On my bedside table

I spent much of the weekend in my cosy bed, thanks to the cold front which hit Cape Town, so I thought I would share some of the items that kept me cosy and occupied these past 2 days.


What's in my bag?!

Hey Lovelies, it’s quite rare to see me without my bucket bag from ASOS, jam-packed full of the normal things like a phone and purse, but then everything else! 314 more words


Product Review: Maybelline Baby Lips!

I may have a small problem…

I discovered Maybelline Baby Lips about a year or so ago, and have been slowly collecting them since. Overall, they smell wonderful, are in great colors, moisturize your lips, and last pretty well! 192 more words

Homemade x Gommage exfoliant pour les lèvres

Au fil des saisons, les lèvres sont exposés à des changements de températures incessants et généralement on ne prend pas énormément soin d’elles. Or seulement quelques minutes par semaine vous permettrai de les garder en bonne santé et de faire en sorte qu’elles soient tout le temps hydratées et sans  peau morte.  258 more words