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Annette Summer

Massaging Mama

I am currently six months pregnant and today was a day of stretching pelvic muscles. Suffice to say walking has been troublesome and I have been a little grumpy. 216 more words


Massage Theraphy

Massage therapy has generally resulted in lower anxiety levels (both self-reported and observed), lower levels of stress hormones (cortisol and norepinephrine), better mood (less depression) and improved clinical course.

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Baby Massage

Benefits of Baby Infant Massage

Baby massage can provide so many wonderful benefits, not only to infants, but also to the family unit.

Relief of Discomfort

Massage releases endorphin and can assist in relieving discomfort associated with teething, chest and sinus congestion, colic and reflux. 50 more words

Baby Massage

Five reasons to massage your baby!

Infant massage offers many benefits to babies and their caregivers. For many parents, touch is a natural part of caring for their children but some may not feel like they know how to give infant massage. 500 more words


Massage Therapy is Effective for Many Childhood Conditions

by: Tiffany M. Field, PhD

Massage therapy is proving to beĀ  an effective therapy for children and adolescents with medical and psychological problems. In our studies with children, we use parents as the massage therapists; the children can be massaged daily at no cost; and the parents can feel less helpless and more involved in the child’s treatment.

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Annette Summer