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You've Got Mail

Everyone loves to get packages, and a few arrived for me today!

This credit card reader for my iPad and Android phone will be very helpful! 92 more words

Baby Shoes

Sugar and Spice

This past week I have been busy reorganising my ‘Knitting Studio’, sounds a little pretentious it’s actually my daughter’s bedroom. Since she has now left home I have been using it as my knitting room,  it is a light and sunny room so  great for taking photographs. 270 more words


Baby hat and shoes

One of my favourite patterns to make over the last year has been these really easy to follow patterns by Aussie Crochet Queen Paula Daniele. Her you tube videos really helped me to get to grips withe baby shoes. 88 more words

Hemingway's Baby Shoes

They weren’t expecting to loose her- no one ever is, I suppose. But for Margaret and Peter it was different. Their child was a sure thing, something they planned for and worked at and sweated over. 533 more words

New Colors Arriving Soon!

It is with excitement that I announce the new Cuddle Me Boots colors! With four new colors to spice up your child’s fall wardrobe you’ll be ready to tromp through the crunchy leaf piles and keep those toes warm and comfy!

Baby Shoes

Cuddle Me Boots

This pair of boots was so much fun to make! The finished product is super cute. I adore the fluffy lining and so do the babies! 8 more words

Baby Shoes