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Why choose leather shoes for babies | First Baby Shoes

First Baby Shoes believe that leather is the best material for baby shoes. Why? 

Natural leather is the best material for shoes because:

Baby Shoes

Trunk in the Attic

The attic is well kept, though not often visited. The children used to play up here all the time, so things are fairly well organized; their mother needed to tidy up often, but they’ve since been to college and moved to their own homes. 119 more words

Short Story

Suggestions For Purchasing The Right Shoes For Your Baby

Watching your baby experience her “firsts” can be so exciting: Their first laugh, their first crawl, their first steps. So, exactly when should you purchase your infant their first pair of baby shoes? 667 more words

Baby Shoes, Momma Shoes and Happy Little Feet!

Last month I made shoes and then I hurt myself so couldn’t open up orders for them because I was resting my back! Well the past few weeks I have been getting back into the sewing groove! 653 more words


Fall Shoe Fashion For My Doll ♡

I literally did a double take when I walked past these. Could NOT RESIST! God I love JOE. Best go to baby clothes ♡ Plus they’re so damn smart. 28 more words

Life & Love

DIY Baby Keepsakes | First Baby Shoes

Congratulations on your new baby. High time to make something super special for him. Here are some lovely ideas.

Make your baby a pair of shoes that he can keep forever and someday tell his kid, “Look what my mom made me when I was a baby.” For baby shoe making kits, please go to  54 more words

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Baby shoes for chubby feet

As Isla begins walking, she really needs some shoes to protect her adorable little feet.  Unfortunately, because her feet are adorably chubby, it’s hard to find a shoe that gives her flexibility and doesn’t confine her feet or squish them! 220 more words